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January 8, 2018

My Word for 2018

Last year was the first time I had a “word for the year” and I’m so thankful I did because it kept me grounded when things seemed too overwhelming.  Adding a second baby to our family has been one of the most wonderful AND most difficult things for me personally, for running my business, for our marriage… everything.

Don’t get me wrong, we love Isa to pieces and wouldn’t trade these past 11 months for anything!  But when God laid the word “Trust” on my heart last year, He knew that I would need it.

And I actually feel like it’s flowing into this year too.  I wouldn’t have this business without Him, we wouldn’t have our marriage without Him and we definitely wouldn’t have these precious baby girls without Him!  So I’m choosing to continue to trust Him with 2018 just like He asked me to do in 2017.

But with that, comes my word for the new year.  I wasn’t intentionally praying about it or trying to think of what this year would hold, but as I sat in church this morning, I knew without a doubt that God laid the word “Focus” in front of me on purpose.


Welcoming a newborn into our family last February sent my head spinning for several months.  After my 2nd episode of being paralyzed with fear or uncertainty or exhaustion, I finally called my doctor for some medication to help with the postpartum depression and it has been a game changer.

But even with that, my head is still spinning a little bit.  There is too much on my mind and (with an almost 3 year old and an almost 1 year old), there’s not enough time to do all the things.  I’m beyond thankful for my editor who helps with weddings, I’m crazy thankful for my mom who graciously folds any clean laundry that I haven’t gotten to yet, and most of all my husband who is one of my biggest cheerleaders and the best partner girl could ask for.

My relationship with God has been extremely off this past year.  And I realized this morning that I’ve been trying to do too much of it on my own.  I haven’t put things before Him, I haven’t relied on Him for everything and all He wants from me is to focus on Him… the rest will fall into place after that.

I told Ben about this while we were making lunch yesterday afternoon and I realized that when I’d written down the word and some thoughts in my journal at church that it was like a huge weight had been lifted from me.

I’ve known this for ages but I always seem to need reminders.  I can’t do any of this on my own… and neither can you!  We weren’t meant to do it alone and I’m so thankful for that.

So cheers to 2018, focusing on God and what He wants of me rather than all that I can (or can’t) get done during the day :-)

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