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May 23, 2014

Expecting Baby | David + Marett

She had contacted me about getting maternity photos several months ago but with the shift in my business last year to focus on weddings and births, I emailed her back saying that I wasn’t really doing maternity sessions anymore.  But being the business owner that I am (and the softie that loves getting to know people), I emailed her back saying that I was changing my business model a bit and was only going to be offering maternity sessions to my birth moms.  I sent her a link to births I had photographed for her and her husband to look at and after several emails back and forth and her saying more than once, “we just can’t stop looking at these posts!”, they decided to book me to not just photograph their maternity session, but the birth of their son as well.

And to be honest, I’m SO excited to offer this now.  I would always meet with my birth moms and dads before so that we could get to know each other before the baby arrives.  But giving them some time away from the chaos of life and a moment to do nothing but focus on each other and their love?  That’s way better than meeting for a cup of coffee.  It’s exactly what I do with my brides and grooms for their engagement sessions so why not give my birth moms and dads the same thing?

Getting to spend an hour with these two one morning earlier this week was a lot of fun.  David is hilarious!  And he knows just the right things to say and do to make Marett flash that beautiful smile.  You guys, I am so excited for your little man to arrive.  Can’t wait to see y’all again… on his birth day!

Garden-Maternity-Photos-101 Garden-Maternity-Photos-102 Garden-Maternity-Photos-103

These are two of my favorites…

Garden-Maternity-Photos-104 Garden-Maternity-Photos-105 Garden-Maternity-Photos-106 Garden-Maternity-Photos-107

Her Mother’s Day gift from David was an anchor necklace and earrings because the nursery has a water/ocean theme.  It’s adorable!

Garden-Maternity-Photos-108 Garden-Maternity-Photos-109 Garden-Maternity-Photos-110

Their love is so sweet, pure, and genuine.


Not only is Marett gorgeous, but she is so stinking talented… she made the quilt below for their son and has a shop on Etsy!

Garden-Maternity-Photos-112 Garden-Maternity-Photos-113 Garden-Maternity-Photos-114 Garden-Maternity-Photos-115 Garden-Maternity-Photos-117 Garden-Maternity-Photos-116

Love this!

Garden-Maternity-Photos-119 Garden-Maternity-Photos-118

So beautiful, Marett!!

Garden-Maternity-Photos-120 Garden-Maternity-Photos-121 Garden-Maternity-Photos-122

For more information on Birth Photography Packages, feel free to visit the website: http://births.sabrinafields.com

  1. Kristin says:

    Sabrina these are fantastic photos! I love this new area of babies and birth that you are going in. Just to see the magic of God’s work in creation is wonderful and you being able to portray that makes it even better! :)

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