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November 11, 2016

Expecting in Paris

This trip we took last week had many sides to it… it was a 5th anniversary trip, a baby-moon trip, and a work trip.  We tried our best to enjoy each piece of our time in Paris and Brussels for what it was and I feel like we were pretty successful!  It was our second time to Paris together, our first time leaving our daughter at home while we left the country, the first time we had an international business trip, and the first time I’ve been pregnant while traveling abroad!

More than anything, I wanted to document this side of our trip before I forgot what it felt like to walk around my favorite city hand in hand with my husband of 5 years and our second baby girl squirming away in my tummy.

PS – I know I’ve already posted the image below on the left, but I love it and I’m so proud of my husband’s photography skills!


I knew going in that things would be a tad different since I was over halfway through this pregnancy (23 weeks), but I honestly had no idea what it would look like once we arrived.  We (meaning me) definitely sat down more this time, I didn’t sleep quite as well without “all the pillows” at my disposal, walking up one flight of steps in Montmartre or the metro caused me to be more out of breath than ever before, and the various aches and pains I was feeling from all the walking even caused one of our waiters to ask me if I was going into labor!

Thanks, but it was not in the plan to have this baby in Paris… much less at 23 weeks!

Our session on Sunday was perfection… and other than not being able to breathe for a few minutes when we reached the top of the steps in Montmartre, I held up extremely well for all the walking we did!  Thankfully Ben and I had been averaging around 6 miles of walking each day leading up to the session so I was a bit used to it by the time Sunday rolled around.


But with Ben at my side, I knew however different it would be, that he would do all that he could to make it easier.  And he did.  I found myself thinking countless times that other than the Lord, this man is my rock.  We do give each other strength, but when one of us is weaker (or carrying a baby), God has given us extra strength to help the other.  And while I never took him up on it, Ben even offered to carry me at times ;-)


I’m also beyond thankful that our friend Joel met up with us for a couple of days… he is one of Ben’s best friends and we haven’t seen him since he moved to Hong Kong almost 2 years ago.  And selfishly, I’m also thankful he’s taken up photography because otherwise, we wouldn’t have any photos with the two of us in them!


To be completely honest, I didn’t enjoy being pregnant the first time around.  So I was determined to enjoy it this time.  And while it’s had its own difficulties (which are SO minor compared to so many other expectant moms), I think it’s helped me knowing what to expect this time around.  So, I’ve been able to soak it in more than I did two years ago with Catherine.  Plus, each time I ask her to give her sister a “bisou” (a kiss), she leans down or gets on her tip toes to kiss my belly.  And it melts.my.heart. every single time!


  1. melissa says:

    These are great photos! And I’m so glad that Joel could meet up with you in Paris! Now I’ll have to get my ‘cuz to visit us in Vienna! :)

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