November 14, 2016

Paris Session | Thomas + Bettina

Bettina had been an exchange student in Greenville when she was in high school, so when one of her friends was getting married, she flew to Greenville for the weekend just for the wedding.  And that’s where I met her!  So when we posted that we’d be in Paris and available for photo sessions, Bettina emailed me pretty quickly and I was so excited to see her again!

She and Thomas flew to Paris for the weekend from Germany, met us at the Eiffel Tower at sunrise, and completely rocked their session… even though it was absolutely freezing that morning!

They had their city hall wedding this past summer and are gearing up for their church wedding next summer.  So while they haven’t been married for very long, it’s a perfect reason for doing an “anniversary session” no matter how long you’ve been married!  And I loved every minute of working with these two.  They were so excited to be there, to be together, and to be in front of my camera!

So enjoy MANY of my favorites and some tidbits about our morning in Paris together along the way.  The morning wasn’t perfect by any means, but one road block we ran into led us to some of my favorite images from the day!

paris-sunrise-photos-101 paris-sunrise-photos-102 paris-sunrise-photos-103

It really was a PERFECT morning!  And their smiles only confirm that :-)

paris-sunrise-photos-104 paris-sunrise-photos-105 paris-sunrise-photos-106 paris-sunrise-photos-107 paris-sunrise-photos-108 paris-sunrise-photos-109 paris-sunrise-photos-110 paris-sunrise-photos-111 paris-sunrise-photos-112

That LIGHT!!!

paris-sunrise-photos-113 paris-sunrise-photos-114

I adore this shot of them… their love, the sunrise, la Tour Eiffel and the Parisian bird flying by at this precise moment.

paris-sunrise-photos-115 paris-sunrise-photos-116 paris-sunrise-photos-117 paris-sunrise-photos-118

There was a marathon happening under the Eiffel Tower so the roads we were going to take to Pont Alexandre III were blocked, which “forced” us to walk along the Seine next to these amazingly colorful trees!

paris-sunrise-photos-119 paris-sunrise-photos-120 paris-sunrise-photos-121 paris-sunrise-photos-122 paris-sunrise-photos-123 paris-sunrise-photos-124

And this??  We never would have known this spot existed otherwise!


Most definitely a favorite…

paris-sunrise-photos-126 paris-sunrise-photos-127 paris-sunrise-photos-128 paris-sunrise-photos-129 paris-sunrise-photos-130 paris-sunrise-photos-131

This is my favorite bridge in Paris… just walking on it makes me feel like I’ve stepped back in time.

paris-sunrise-photos-132 paris-sunrise-photos-133

You guuuuyss!!

paris-sunrise-photos-134 paris-sunrise-photos-135 paris-sunrise-photos-136 paris-sunrise-photos-137 paris-sunrise-photos-138

When Bettina and I were emailing about their session, she had a few spots on her list of locations they wanted to try and get to.  And I knew we were going to get along so well when her top locations were the same as my favorites!  We ended their session up on Montmartre and even though I lost my breath walking up the 1 million stairs, it was worth the hike!



PS – way to go, Bettina, on coordinating your colors with the changing leaves!  Gah!  So lovely!


This one of them laughing is another favorite!

paris-sunrise-photos-141 paris-sunrise-photos-142 paris-sunrise-photos-143 paris-sunrise-photos-144 paris-sunrise-photos-145 paris-sunrise-photos-146 paris-sunrise-photos-147

You guys… I hope you love these as much I do!

paris-sunrise-photos-148 paris-sunrise-photos-149 paris-sunrise-photos-150 paris-sunrise-photos-151 paris-sunrise-photos-152 paris-sunrise-photos-153

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