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December 4, 2017

Eiffel Tower Sunrise Shoot | The Signature Atelier Workshop

Back in 1995 I went to see the new version of “Sabrina” staring Julia Ormond and Harrison Ford.  In this version, Sabrina goes to Paris to work with Vogue and there’s a scene where they’re photographing at Trocadéro with the Eiffel Tower in the background. Misters are spraying water, a couple is snuggling under an umbrella and Sabrina runs out to lay a red scarf at their feet for the photographer…

Even though I wasn’t a photographer back in 1995, that scene has always stuck with me and I’ve always wanted to do a shoot there!  And this past year I was able to do that TWICE!  Both sessions were incredible in their own right and I’m so excited to share this one with you.

Workshop: The Signature Atelier by Abby Grace and Katherine Bignon
Model: Arienne Swinson
Blush Gown: Katherine Bignon
Jewelry: Bekah Anne Accessories

We woke up so early and took Ubers to our spot.  It was so early in Paris that Katie was able to call her daughter in California so that she could show her the Eiffel Tower before her little girl went to bed!  Side note, I don’t know how she looked so amazing and so classy that early, but Katie totally pulled it off.

Paris-Eiffel-Tower-Sunrise-Couple-101 Paris-Eiffel-Tower-Sunrise-Couple-102 Paris-Eiffel-Tower-Sunrise-Couple-103 Paris-Eiffel-Tower-Sunrise-Couple-104 Paris-Eiffel-Tower-Sunrise-Couple-105

Katherine putting the final touches on her gown… this was the first time Ari had put it on since Katherine made it!
And it was perfection.


No clue what was so funny, but Abby has the BEST laugh.  And I’m so glad I caught this of her!


Behind the scenes shots are my favorite.  Especially when it includes this amazing group of ladies I was able to spend the week with.

Paris-Eiffel-Tower-Sunrise-Couple-108 Paris-Eiffel-Tower-Sunrise-Couple-109

We each had 5 minutes to direct Ari and her husband for the photos (10 photographers at 5 minutes each, not including Abby, quickly reaches an hour long session for these two!).  So these next few were taken during my 5 minutes.


And this one’s a favorite :-)

Paris-Eiffel-Tower-Sunrise-Couple-111 Paris-Eiffel-Tower-Sunrise-Couple-112 Paris-Eiffel-Tower-Sunrise-Couple-113 Paris-Eiffel-Tower-Sunrise-Couple-114 Paris-Eiffel-Tower-Sunrise-Couple-115-2 Paris-Eiffel-Tower-Sunrise-Couple-115 Paris-Eiffel-Tower-Sunrise-Couple-116 Paris-Eiffel-Tower-Sunrise-Couple-117 Paris-Eiffel-Tower-Sunrise-Couple-118

This was one of mine too and I love it.

Paris-Eiffel-Tower-Sunrise-Couple-119 Paris-Eiffel-Tower-Sunrise-Couple-120 Paris-Eiffel-Tower-Sunrise-Couple-121

And this one!  Between the detail of her dress, his arms wrapped around her, his wedding band and the details of the dress… #swoon

Paris-Eiffel-Tower-Sunrise-Couple-122 Paris-Eiffel-Tower-Sunrise-Couple-123 Paris-Eiffel-Tower-Sunrise-Couple-124 Paris-Eiffel-Tower-Sunrise-Couple-125 Paris-Eiffel-Tower-Sunrise-Couple-126 Paris-Eiffel-Tower-Sunrise-Couple-127 Paris-Eiffel-Tower-Sunrise-Couple-128

There are still so many photos to come from my time in Paris this summer and I promise it will be worth the wait!

If you’d like to see my other sunrise session at the Eiffel Tower from last fall, feel free to check that out HERE.

  1. SABRINA! Your work from this day is so dreamy! What an incredible morning, and thank you for your kind words. Sock bun and trench coat for the win! <3

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