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November 28, 2017

Kaitlin + Michael | A Middle of Nowhere Engagement

When we first met for coffee and to talk about their wedding, they were open to doing their engagement photos anywhere. So, we jokingly said something about going to the middle of nowhere.  And the first place that came to mind was actually a small town close by called Travelers Rest.  It’s at the foot of the mountains so it was/is a place where travelers can rest after their journey.  It has an adorable downtown, delicious restaurants, and within 5 minutes you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere.  So it was perfect!

These two have known each other since her freshman year of college and even though they didn’t officially start dating until the following summer, they have been inseparable pretty much since the first day they met.

When I asked them when they knew that each other was “the one” both of them replied by saying there wasn’t a specific time or moment but they just knew they didn’t see their future without each other in it.  And that’s when I fell head over heels for these two!

We had so much fun for their session and I can’t wait for their wedding next spring.  They’ve promised it will be quite the celebration!  Enjoy some of my favorites from their session…


I was so excited there were still some beautiful leaves on the trees!

fall-field-engagement-photos-102 fall-field-engagement-photos-103 fall-field-engagement-photos-104 fall-field-engagement-photos-105 fall-field-engagement-photos-106 fall-field-engagement-photos-107 fall-field-engagement-photos-108 fall-field-engagement-photos-109 fall-field-engagement-photos-110

These two are really good at laughing together :-)

fall-field-engagement-photos-111 fall-field-engagement-photos-112 fall-field-engagement-photos-113 fall-field-engagement-photos-114 fall-field-engagement-photos-115 fall-field-engagement-photos-116 fall-field-engagement-photos-117

Some of my favorite “middle of nowhere” photos… y’all are amazing!

fall-field-engagement-photos-118 fall-field-engagement-photos-119 fall-field-engagement-photos-120 fall-field-engagement-photos-121 fall-field-engagement-photos-122 fall-field-engagement-photos-123 fall-field-engagement-photos-124 fall-field-engagement-photos-125 fall-field-engagement-photos-126 fall-field-engagement-photos-127

And this red tree!!!  I was slightly obsessed.

fall-field-engagement-photos-128 fall-field-engagement-photos-129

fall-field-engagement-photos-132 fall-field-engagement-photos-131 fall-field-engagement-photos-133

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