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Fabulous Friday

January 25, 2013

Fabulous Friday | Freezing Time

I like to remember.  I like to bring up stories.  I like to have a picture in my head so that the days I’m feeling reminiscent, I can conjure up that moment with an image I can close my eyes and see.  When I grow old, I’m going to be that old lady sitting in her rocker, eyes closed and with a smile on her face as I think back to now…. or two years ago… or 10 years from now.  And if you see me, ask me what I’m thinking about.  If I don’t pull out an actual photo for you (or display one with my portable holographic device), then I hope I can describe that moment to you in detail as I pull a moment and a photo to mind.

This past weekend at the beach with my Clemson girls was full of such moments.  I’m so thankful for a husband that values memories and moments like I do and who, when I come in and say, “Hey baby!  The light is really great in this little spot outside!  Come take a picture with me!”, he smiles and says, “Sure!”  Yep, he gets me :-)

So thankful for my friend Brooke who took my crazy quick instructions for my camera and then took these photos of us.  SO thankful.

Brooke did good, eh??

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