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January 28, 2013

Quinn is 1!

Megan was one of my roommates in college and we met in our freshman bible study that I’ve mentioned several times.  Sadly, I missed her wedding a few years ago (I was in France… on a trip that had been planned for 7 months!), but I’ve LOVED watching her become a mom.  She just knows what to do!  All the time.  And Quinn?  Oh my heavens, her eyes are soulful.  I can’t believe she’s almost a year old!  She’s such a precious little girl and after spending more time with her at the beach last weekend, I just fell more in love with her.  It was also fun to watch Travis with her… he LOVES his little girl to pieces and I know without thinking twice that he’d do anything for her.  But with those eyes, how could he not?? :-)

We hopped out onto the beach our last night in Isle of Palms last weekend for some family pictures and then some of just Quinn to celebrate her 1st birthday that’s coming up.  We were joking that the theme would be something to do with cell phones because she might love her mama’s iPhone more than I love my own!  If y’all didn’t know, she’s 1 going on 16.

Happy (early) birthday, beautiful girl!  I love you so much!

This one might be my favorite.

Daddy was apparently doing something really funny!  I really need someone to come and video what people do behind me to get smiles out of the ones in front of the camera!


Cell phone in hand and music playing from it… she was a happy girl!

I know she looks kind of sad in this, but I just love this image.

I may have drooled onto my camera when I saw this one.  She’s already got her “model face” down!

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