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February 12, 2016

Fabulous Friday | It’s a BirthDAY!

This day last year I was trying to entice Catherine to be born by eating a spicy Chick-fil-A chicken biscuit because today is my dad’s birthday and it would have been fun for them to share that!  However, she wanted to wait until her actual due date to make her debut.

But what’s wonderful is that one of my sweet friends went into the hospital last night and will hopefully be delivering their precious baby girl sometime later today… so I will get to be a part of a birth on today’s date!  And so I’m just waiting and working until I get the word that she’s getting closer!  I LOVE birthDAYs.  Being in the delivery room with mom and dad, capturing the emotion and the waiting and then the pushing and delivery is something I still can’t believe I get the joy and honor of doing.

The hour after the baby is born is called “Magic Hour” when the baby gets skin to skin time with mom, the baby gets adjusted to being outside the womb, and the two of them get their very first chance to bond and possibly nurse.  But it really is a magic hour because you can’t help but just stare at this tiny miracle that you’ve been carrying for the previous 40 weeks.  40 weeks of anticipation, doctor’s appointments, worry, excitement, joy, tears, and all the emotions are finally wrapped up and on your chest.

There’s nothing like it.  And I can’t wait to capture those moments again today.

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