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February 16, 2016

Harper Rose | Greenville Birth Photographer | Greenville Memorial Hospital

“For this child I prayed, and the Lord has granted me my petition which I asked of Him. Therefore I also have lent him to the Lord; as long as he lives he shall be lent to the Lord.” So they worshiped the Lord there. I Samuel 1:27-28

Every birth is different.  Every mom is different.  Every child enters this world into a different circumstance.  But this is the second time I’ve been in the delivery room behind my lens to capture the birth of a baby I’d been praying a long time for.

So while I’ve told you before that I cry at every birth, this is the first time I’ve cried multiple times… there were too many emotions in that little room and I could not hold any of mine back.

Joe and Stephanie have prayed for a child for a long time.  Not as long as some, but when waiting for a child, it always seems like an eternity because of that reminder each month that there will not be a child on the way.  But since the moment they found out this little one was coming, they knew this child belonged to the Lord and they were simply given responsibility over her.

My faith is strengthened each time I get to see Stephanie.  And being in that room with them Friday and Saturday was no different.

Stephanie was admitted to the hospital Thursday evening to be induced because they were afraid baby Harper was under weight and not getting the nutrients she needed.  I knew it would be at least Friday afternoon before I went to the hospital, but I headed on over there around lunchtime just to be safe.

birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-101 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-102 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-103

Friday evening came and we were all hanging around chatting and laughing and hoping that Harper would come to meet us before midnight.

birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-104 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-105 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-106

Joe’s mom was finishing up a smocked dress for Harper while we waited.

birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-107 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-108 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-109

Thankfully, Stephanie was able to get some rest in the midst of contractions and the waiting.

birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-110 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-111 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-112

But when the doctor came by that evening, he said it would still be quite a while before we met their baby girl.  So, I actually came back home, was asleep by 9:30pm (with my phone turned up so I could hear it if Joe called during the night!), woke up at 2am to no notifications and prayed for Stephanie as I went back to sleep.

When I woke up again around 6:30am and hadn’t heard anything, I texted Joe to see how things were going and he said they hadn’t seen a doctor since 2am (when God woke me up to pray for her!).  At that time, she still had a little ways to go so they continued to rest and waited again for the doctor to come by.

At 9:27am, Joe texted for me to come on to the hospital.  At 9:29am he called me to say they were about to start pushing!  I’d been ready to go since 7am so I told him I’d be there in 30 minutes max! I jumped in the car and quickly made my way down I-85 to the hospital.  I may have gotten there in record time… I ran in expecting the room to be full and Stephanie to be pushing.  But all was quiet…

Harper was so ready to be there that they thought once Stephanie started pushing that Harper would be here very quickly.  So we took a few more waiting photos before things got going.

birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-113 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-114 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-115 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-116 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-117

Joe had his game face on, but it softened the second he saw his sweet little girl.

birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-118 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-119 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-120 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-121 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-122 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-123 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-124

In the middle of labor and delivery and she was smiling!

birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-125 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-126 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-127 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-128

Cue all the tears…


“Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice!” Phil 4:4

birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-130 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-131 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-132 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-133 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-134

Not even 2 minutes after being born and her daddy is already completely in love with her.

birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-135 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-136 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-137 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-138 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-139 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-140 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-141 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-142 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-143 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-144

One of the things they wanted was for Joe to pray over Harper before the grandparents came in to meet her.  He got choked up just a few words in and my tears started flowing all over again.

birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-145 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-146 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-147 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-148 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-149

I loved getting to go and get the grandparents!  Plus, it was just fun to see them all again after meeting them at Joe and Stephanie’s wedding 4 years ago :-)


This next series of photos is just fun…

birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-151 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-152 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-153 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-154 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-155 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-156

I love this!

birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-157 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-158 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-159 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-160

Oh sweet girl, I love you so! (Thank you for taking this, Joe!)


They all prayed over Harper together, as a family.  And I’m so thankful that she will know that she was prayed over from the very beginning of her life!!


She didn’t love being removed from someone’s arms…


But the swaddle and warm lights quickly made her content and helped her drift off to sleep.

birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-164 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-165

Steph, how are you so beautiful after 37 hours of labor??

birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-166 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-167


birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-168 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-169 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-170 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-171 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-172 birth-photography-greenville-memorial-feb2016-173

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