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May 3, 2013

Fabulous Friday | My Partner in Crime

This past Saturday, Ben and I drove to Clemson in a bit of rain to capture Ryan proposing to Molly.  I wanted to be there early so as not to miss anything and while we waited, I took several (ok, lots!), of pictures.  And since Ben was there and we were trying to act all nonchalant, many of those photos were of him.  And while I may be a bit biased, I don’t think I’m far off base when I say I have THE most handsome husband. :-)

One day he may get tired of me posting about him, but as long as I have control of the blog… (and the camera!), posts of my amazing hubby will be a fairly normal occurrence on here.  And… well… I’m beyond blessed by the man he is and how good he is to me.  And hopefully, pieces of our story will somehow encourage other marriages or any of you single girls out there who are waiting for your knight in shining armor to arrive.  I know a lot of you may not want to wait until you’re 32 like I did, but I’ve got several brides who are getting married a little later in life and I’d be willing to bet that all of them would say, in all caps, IT’S WORTH THE WAIT!  And while we wish we could have met earlier in life and spent more years together, we also realize that if we HAD met earlier, we don’t believe it would have worked.  God really did have work to do in both of us before we met… and while we were dating… and since we’ve been married.  And He’ll keep working in us for the rest of our lives.  But there was a point – God’s point in time, not mine, not Ben’s – that was perfect for us to meet.  And we are SO thankful for that.

I remember when we were dating and his goofy side slowly starting to come out.  He told me the more comfortable he got around me, the more that side would show.
I’m happy to say that this man keeps me laughing… A LOT!

Happy Friday, everyone!

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