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Fabulous Friday

May 29, 2015

Fabulous Friday | Printed Photos

Some of you reading this may not understand the story I’m about to tell, but that’s ok, just bear with me.  You can even nod your head and smile to make me not feel quite so “old” as I tell it.

By the time I was 15 and could drive myself around, one of my most favorite things was to go and pick up a roll (or 10) of film that I’d dropped off to be developed.  It was amazing that it could be done in an hour and sometimes that hour was excruciatingly long!  But I remember how much I loved flipping back through the memories, holding each one in my hand as I laughed at some and shook my head at others… because let’s face it, teenagers can be ridiculous sometimes ;-)

The digital age has been incredible because we don’t even have to wait 3 seconds to see the photos we just took.  We can download them, edit them and have them available for everyone to see within minutes!  But I’ve become just as guilty as everyone else in that I’m not good at having my photos printed.  But now that Catherine’s here, my perspective has changed a little and it’s made me DO something about it.

I want her to have actual photos to flip through as she gets older.  I want boxes or albums full of images of her entering the world and growing up.  I want her to see physical photos of her dad and me before she was even a glimmer in our eyes.

I think the hardest part hasn’t even been pulling out my “big camera” and getting those photos printed (I upload them to PASS for family to see and plan on placing an order – through PASS – every few months for her baby book! Super easy!).  What hasn’t seemed super easy is that the camera I have on hand most of the time is my phone.  And even though I post #theDailyCatherineMarie to Instagram and Facebook most days, those will eventually be lost in cyberspace as new photos and statuses are posted.

While listening to Pandora one day, a commercial came on about an app that lets you order free photos from your phone.  (It’s called Free Prints and the logo is teal with a white butterfly.) So I went to check it out and gave it a whirl.  It seemed too good to be true that you could get up to 85 free photos a month and all you had to pay for was shipping.  So I ordered 11 images to test it out.  I thought there was no way the quality of these prints would be that wonderful, but if they were free and being printed from my phone, it was worth compromising the quality a little bit.  Granted, I wouldn’t use this app to print my wedding photos or any milestone photos of Catherine, but for the everyday images?  Sure!

And y’all.  It was like I was 15 again and picking up my roll of film from the drugstore.  I brought the envelope inside from the mailbox when my images arrived and flipped through those 11 photos at least a dozen times.  Believe it or not, I’d forgotten what it was like to HOLD printed images in my hands!  So, I did what any sane mom does.  The next month rolled around and I ordered 80 of my 85 free prints.  All from my phone.  And I love them.

And the quality?  Way better than I imagined!  Again, I wouldn’t have any really important photos printed from here, but it’s the perfect solution to getting those photos from your phone and into your hands :-)  So check out Free Prints and when you set up your account, you can use sfields50 for 5 extra prints!

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Cindy Taylor says:

    Thanks Sabrina! I just gave Free prints a try. Can’t wait to see the photos!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. shellie says:

    I just ordered my first 10 for free! I liked that i didn’t have to give any visa information this first time.

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