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Fabulous Friday

February 26, 2016

Fabulous Friday | The Little Things


Somewhere along the way – more than likely after I’d graduated from high school – I realized that making my bed each morning had such a big impact on how I felt when I walked out of or into my bedroom.  The rest of the room could be a complete disaster, but if the bed was made, it seemed like everything else was manageable.

Before I got married, it was really simple because most nights I didn’t seem to move at all when I slept.  So waking up, rolling out of bed, pulling the corner of the sheets and comforter up and replacing the pillows took about 30 seconds.  So it was just something easy to do and it always helped me feel like I wasn’t leaving these a mess! (Note: this did not happen every single day, but probably 90% of the time!)

After we got married, Ben soon realized that even though it was a small thing, it meant a lot to me to make the bed each morning.  And with the way our routines have worked out, he ends up making it for me.  And especially since I work from home and have a 1 year old running around, just getting a peek into our room where the bed is made actually brings a sense of calm sometimes!

Even though it’s such a little thing… thank you for making the bed, Ben.  I appreciate it far more than you’ll ever know!

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