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November 13, 2012

Fall Mini Sessions | The Whitakers

Kristi and Lee drove the boys down to Greenville just for pictures a couple of weeks ago.  I figured they would be in Spartanburg for something and then make the 30 minute drive to meet me in Greer, but they drove close to two hours… just for pictures!  Don’t know if I’ve told y’all lately, but I love you guys :-)  It’s kind of crazy how long I’ve known them too.  Kristi was a senior in high school when I was a lowly 7th grader in our church youth group.  Her brother and I were in the same class and her sister and I were friends, but I think the age difference kept us from “hanging out” until we were both older.  Once she and Lee were married, they started doing “old people” stuff like chaperoning our youth ski trips and youth camp.  But, it was awesome!!  We loved having them around and I loved getting to know them as an older teen.  And holy moly… I remember each of their kids being born so to see them and hang out with them now still kind of blows my mind.  They aren’t babies or even little boys anymore!  And they are so darn cute!  Heartbreakers in the making… Just kidding!  These boys are SO sweet (in the most masculine sense of the word!).  If any hearts are broken in the coming years, I know they’ll let the girls down as gently as they can.

Y’all really are the best.  THANK YOU for driving so far just to meet me for pictures!  Hopefully we can spend some time together soon and I can see you with my own eyes and not just through my lens :-)

Working on their model faces…

And trying REALLY hard not to laugh!

This might be my favorite of the boys.

This is Landon… the middle child.  He’s also the one that brings the most entertainment and probably the most trips to the ER (see that cast…?).

This is Grayson, the oldest.  He recently was able to get rid of his glasses.  And he’s also growing up way too fast.

And this is Bradon, the youngest.  I felt like I was looking at his uncle Ryan when he hopped out of the car.  What a cutie (Bradon, not Ryan.  No offense, Ry!)!

And this is Kristi and Lee.  Y’all are one good looking couple!  No wonder your boys are so cute!

To round out their session, we wandered and found all of these leaves sitting on the ground…. all but begging to be thrown!


I love this!!

And then there was a little friendly leaf throwing that happened…

…which was soon repaid!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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