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April 9, 2013

Families | The Groggs

First of all, can I get an amen for the warm weather finally being here to stay??  Second of all, I’m so glad to be outside and shooting more these days!  I like a break as much as the next person, but I LOVE what I do and I love being able to be outside behind my camera!

Especially when I get to have friends on the other side of my lens.  Andrea is my first “ClemsoNiece”… she was the first child that one of my Clemson girls had and holy cow, she just turned 7 last month.  Not only that, but she’s just lost her first tooth!  And David?  Well, he’s 5.  And ALL boy!  He also has more silly faces than anyone I’ve possibly ever seen (watch out Jim Carey!).

The thing I love most about photographing my friends is that I really get to see them grow over the years.  There’s a photo from Jill and Michael’s wedding that I took while they were dancing at their reception (LONG before I was a wedding photographer), but I love it.  And now I’ve been photographing their kids for 7 years.  I still have a picture of Andrea tucked into a frame from when she was maybe 6 months old and it’s SO sweet.  And when she’s not being silly and showing me her latest yoga move, that sweet face shows me how much soul this girl has.  I love being able to capture all sides of these two awesome kids and their wonderful parents.

Love you guys… thanks for letting me hang out with you earlier this week!

And now for some of the myriad of faces of David Dean…

This one kind of stopped me in my tracks… and even more so in black and white.  I love it.

But not even a split second later, they were back to their silly selves :-)

It was time for pictures of the girls… but David cracked all of us up by jumping in!

Love.  Just love…

And this one?  Well, it makes my heart melt.

I think I almost teared up looking at these while editing.  The one on the left makes my heart stop!  Can’t wait for Ben and I to have a little girl (not any time soon though!).

More tears…


And then that part about him being “all boy” comes out…

After almost 11 years of marriage they’re still smiling and laughing together.

Parents… please take note… your kids are going to LOVE having pictures of you when they’re older!!  Give me a call and I’ll help you out with that :-)

David wanted to be in the pictures with Andrea… but he definitely didn’t want her hugging him. ha!

Ah!  Andrea!  You’re so adorable… those green eyes and red lips are going to break some hearts one day.

David… all I can say is that I love your goofy self!  Especially when you flash that cute dimple at me!

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