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August 23, 2012

Elisha + Cale | The Farm at Rabon Creek Engagement Session

Everyone has a story.  And when I asked Elisha hers, my heart swooned.

They’ve known each other since they were young and as they entered high school, Elisha’s best buddy started to have a change in heart.  He saw her beauty not just on the outside, but on the inside, and wanted to be closer than just “best buddies”.  But Elisha wasn’t there… yet.  Even after turning him down for prom, they remained friends and became close again… but not until after college.  They were both growing and learning who they were and who God had created them to be, but it still wasn’t the right time.  She had life taking her on a journey that she hadn’t planned on, but being on this side of things, she is now stronger and thankful for the ride.

And in the midst of everything, Cale still waited.  When the timing WAS right, they came back together and realized they balance each other out more than they ever realized before.  She may be a little shy and reserved, but Cale is outgoing enough for the both of them.  He brings her out of her shell and makes her laugh, while she makes him stop and take deep breaths as he gazes on this girl he loves… the one he waited so patiently for.

I was beyond thrilled to meet the man that had taken (in the most gentle way ever) Elisha’s heart.  We all met at The Farm at Rabon Creek for their engagement pictures, which is where their wedding will take place this October.  (Catherine Neal, thank you SO MUCH for showing us around!) I am SO excited for you guys and this journey you are on! Ben and I can not wait to photograph your first day as husband and wife in such a beautiful setting!

Sometimes it just took a glance his way for Elisha to fall into laughter.

You guys… dang!

You all have my permission to swoon…

May I please take a moment to point out Elisha’s style?  Not only would I love to have her hair, but her wardrobe is to die for.

The one on the left?  FAVORITE.

The Farm at Rabon Creek is a WORKING FARM!  Which means animals galore :-)  But, they also have some incredibly charming old houses.  Love!

As we walked through the field to one of the old houses, I turned to look at Elisha and Cale as the sun was just starting to set behind the trees. The light was perfection.  So we stopped.
And I’m ever so glad we did…

Elisha, my dear, you are stunningly beautiful.  And 90% of your beauty comes from your faith, your kindness, and your heart.

As we stepped into the small wooden house and our eyes adjusted to the light streaming in through the slats, I was worried that it wouldn’t be enough to capture anything.

But this Nikon D800?  It’s a rock star and handled the high ISO like a champ.

When Lisa, the owner of the farm, found this house and had it brought TO the farm, they found many old books and jars that all but begged to be included in the pictures.

As we walked away from the house, I made Elisha promise me we could venture out to it again on their wedding day.

LOVE this one too!

Y’all are wonderful.  THANK YOU for allowing me to capture this amazingly sweet time in your lives!

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