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October 7, 2013

Fields Films | Sheila + Bill

So, I have to brag.  Long before I met him, Ben was shooting wedding videos with some friends.  In fact, he even shot a wedding or two while we were dating and one just two weeks before we got married.  But he had not done much with video since then… until earlier this year.  I think being behind one of my cameras was giving him the bug to do video again ;-)

He started to slowly update his equipment and figure out what and how he wanted to shoot.  Video, like photography, has changed a lot in the last 5-10 years and Ben had started to see that and really liked the way it was going.  And when the opportunity came up for him to video Sheila and Bill’s wedding earlier this year, he jumped on it.

Y’all… to say I am proud of my husband and this video is like saying the Atlantic Ocean is a small puddle of water.  I realize that I’m slightly biased and that I already love this couple and that I’m attached to this in more ways than anyone else may be.  BUT, my husband does really good work.  Like, I’m afraid I may be losing my permanent second shooter to the moving picture world!  But if I’m losing him as a second shooter to do what he really knows and loves then I couldn’t be more happy to let him go.

Ben, I love you so much and I love getting to introduce the world to what you can do.

If you’re interested in video for your wedding, you can email him at ben@fieldsfilms.com!

  1. Kristy says:

    Awesome video!

  2. Ruth Campbell says:

    Wow! Most excellent!

  3. Very cool. Is he using a quadcopter or octocopter with gopro or something else for those flying shots?

  4. Debi Brown says:

    Nicely done Ben! I think you have a gift and what a beautiful gift to give!

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