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October 4, 2013

Birthday Idea…

Back in 2007, I spent my birthday overseas on a work trip.  I’d gone to Paris and then Ukraine and loved the fact that ON my birthday I was getting to do something I loved!  Travel and ministry!!  The one thing I asked for that year was for friends to send cards with my friend, Myrna, who I was traveling with so that even though I couldn’t physically be with everyone, we could still celebrate.  So that morning when I woke up, Myrna had snuck into my room (we were staying with friends, not at a hotel) and laid out the cards on the floor so I would see them when I woke up.  It was the most fun surprise (even though I knew they were coming) and it filled my heart to read people’s words and to know I was loved from thousands of miles away.

This still makes me smile!

And then I got to go to my first professional soccer match! For as many football games as I’ve been to, none of them compared to the “excitement” of these fans!

This year’s birthday is kind of similar because I’m getting to do what I love on my birthday.  Only this year it’s changed a little because I get to shoot a wedding on October 26!  Some of you might be thinking that I have to work on my birthday and that stinks… but I’m thinking “I get to work on my birthday and that’s awesome!”  Half the time I forget that what I do is my job.  I forget that when I get dressed up and pack up my gear and walk out the door to a wedding that I’m getting paid to do this.  It’s SO much fun and for me, it doesn’t end on the wedding day because I get to come home and choose the best of the best photos to then deliver to the bride and groom after they return from their honeymoon!  Seriously, photography is like the gift that keeps on giving :-)

So, for my birthday this year I want to combine some of my favorite things (mail and photos) and ask for each of you to do something for me.  I would love to receive mail from you – wherever you are – with a photo.  It can be a photo of us together, of your family, of your home, of your town, of your office, of your lunch… it doesn’t matter!  I love connecting with people and I so enjoy seeing pieces of your world.  But how much more fun would it be to see it in my hands instead of just on a computer screen?

If you’d like to help make October 26 even more awesome than it’s already going to be, leave a comment and I’ll email you back with info!  And in return… I’ll send a note, with a photo of my world, back to you.  Because who doesn’t love holding a photo in your hand and who doesn’t love getting “real mail” in their mailbox??

My birthday isn’t until October 26 so that gives everyone 3 weeks to find a photo and a notecard to stick in the mail.  Can’t wait to meet new pen pals!!

  1. Kristin Couch says:

    Sabrina you are so creative!!!! I’d love to send you mail and help make your bday fantastic just like you!!! -Kristin

  2. Jill Grogg says:

    I am in!

  3. Dayna Schoonmaker says:

    send me your address girly!!!

  4. Sarah K says:

    I’d love to do this! Such a great idea!

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