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October 3, 2013

A Day at Sky Top Orchard

I’ve been living in South Carolina for 25 years now (wait… what???) and just this year I finally made it up to Sky Top!  For whatever reason I always seem to want to go out and participate in the season – whether it’s apple picking or strawberry picking or going to Fall for Greenville or the Saturday Farmer’s Market during the summer.  But it hasn’t been until this year that I’ve actually gone out to pick fruit!  Granted, we didn’t pick any apples this trip, because as everyone knows, you’re really just going up for the apple cider and donuts!

So our community group took a trip into the mountains for some fall-ish activity and well, it was worth the wait!

We first met up at 12 Bones BBQ in Arden, NC for lunch.  YUM!

Then, we joined all 4, 572 people visiting Sky Top for the day.

We went up with our community group and Jason and Shannon brought their kiddos. They always get a photo here but LC was NOT interested!.

Now all I need is a bride and groom in the midst of the orchard and I’ll be a super happy photog!

If this post isn’t screaming “It’s fall!” yet, I’m not sure what else to do… :-)

And can we please stop and be fascinated over how they have PEACOCKS???

I just can’t get over how blue they are!

It’s so hard not to love these kids… especially because of her little pig-tails!!


These two guys didn’t step foot in the orchard but instead waited almost an hour in line for THE donuts.  The most amazing donuts you’ll ever put in your mouth.
So of course they “toasted” them and got the first bites!

The caption of the one of LC on the right is “Can I please just have a bite of a donut already??”

And this is my favorite photo from the day.  Love these girls and living life with them!

  1. christine says:

    LOVE these!!!… may be partial because of my precious niece and nephew :)

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