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October 1, 2013

Emily + Scott | Pretty Place & High Cotton Wedding

He had just moved to England for a new job and she had flown over a couple of days after to help him get settled.  They’d known each other since law school and even though that seemed like ages ago, it helped them feel like their relationship wasn’t quite so new.  And as she was thinking of having to say goodbye, for what was sure to be longer than her heart wanted to admit, he kept looking back and forth from the road to her beautiful face.  Because he knew that his heart didn’t want this long goodbye either.  So as he kept looking back and forth from the road to Emily in his passenger’s seat, he finally pulled over so he could just look at her.  And as he took her hand in his, he admitted that each time he looked down the road and into their future, her face was all he could see.

The road they were on – even though it would be on different continents for a little while – this road was their road.  And at that moment, Scott asked Emily to be his wife so they wouldn’t have to walk any more roads without the other.

Emily, all I can say is WOW.  You pulled together the most beautifully intimate wedding anyone could have asked for.  And you did it in record time!  Each time he had a chance, Scott told me on your wedding day how impressed he was with how much you had done in such a short amount of time.  The two of you make a great team – that much was made clear last Thursday as you walked down the aisle and pledged to share your future devoted to one another.  Thank you for allowing me to capture this part of your story… many blessings for the next few months and the coming years!

much love, sabrina

When he proposed, Scott wasn’t able to get this, his grandmother’s ring, in time to give to Emily while she was visiting in England.
So he surprised her with it the night before their wedding.  And she surprised him with wearing it around her neck the day of their wedding.

And these are their gorgeous rings that they’re wearing on their hands!
The solitaire in this ring belonged to Emily’s grandmother.

Even with the tight schedule, Emily and Scott opted for a First Look… and it couldn’t have been sweeter.

I can still hear his reaction and excitement to seeing her!

And this was Scott’s mom seeing Emily and seeing grandmother’s ring on Emily’s necklace.  Love it.

I am SO in love with Emily’s bouquet (for so many reasons)!!  Dahlia’s always does such an amazing job.

With such a small wedding and making the most of our time, Emily and Scott still had time before the ceremony to chat with family and friends!

Gosh, I still can’t get over how beautiful it was!


I just love this one…

Their wedding party consisted of their siblings… the two most perfect people to stand beside Emily and Scott as they said I Do.

On our way to their reception dinner, I got distracted by the light… but it was oh so worth it!

They had an intimate dinner at High Cotton in downtown Greenville to celebrate.

Before I left, we took a stroll outside for a few more portraits just before sunset.

Goodness, I love this one!  Emily and Scott, promise me that you’ll continue to make each other laugh!

Ceremony | Fred W. Symmes Chapel
Reception | High Cotton
Dress | J. Crew
Flowers | Dahlia, A Florist
Violinist | Betsy Fee
Catering | High Cotton

  1. Arica says:

    These are amazingly beautiful! What a precious couple. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Martha Beckham says:

    Sabrina, you did a wonderful job on Emily and Scott’s pictures! Thank you. Martha

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