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September 30, 2013

Mike + Julie | Expecting Baby

Last week was like a mini-high school reunion as I not only got to see Julie (and her husband of course), but I was able to see another friend at her sister’s wedding on Thursday!  So, to say it was a fun last week would be an understatement!  But what’s even better is that I now get to share last week with all of you!

Mike and Julie are expecting their little one in November and even with the journey they’ve been on this last year or so, they had nothing but smiles on their faces and so much love for each other.  Whenever I’d give them the cue to “snuggle up” or to kiss, I definitely didn’t have to ask twice!  Most of the time I ended up having to remind them that I was still there!

Seriously, y’all are adorable and I’m so thankful I was able to see you and hang out a bit before the little one arrives.  I can’t wait to see y’all again and to meet him or her in just over a month!!

I’d never actually been in the Japanese Garden at Furman, but it might just be one of my new favorite places.


Ah!  I love this one too!

I just couldn’t decide between these next two even though they’re SO similar… so I included them both!

See?  I told you they were good at snuggling :-)

The image on the left is one that their wedding photographer caught on their wedding day… so they recreated it for this phase of life!

So much laughter and so much love… this baby is in for SUCH a treat!

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