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Fabulous Friday

September 27, 2013

Fabulous Friday | A Pretty Day at Pretty Place

Somehow clouds always seemed to follow me up the mountain when I had a wedding at Pretty Place.  The second wedding I ever second shot was up there and the clouds were sitting just so that you couldn’t see much past the bride and groom when they’d walked down the aisle.  And since then, it’s like the weather knows I’m going up there so the clouds (and sometimes rain) follow me.  On the one hand, it makes it even more beautiful up there and gives it a bit of an etherial look.  But on the other hand, couples plan to have their wedding up there because the view is so beautiful and spectacular!  So, I give a huge and sincere apology to my past brides and grooms because even though I still love your images, you were also hoping for a beautiful view!

But yesterday, that all changed!!  Emily and Scott were married at Pretty Place yesterday afternoon and even though it rained most of Wednesday, Thursday was gorgeous!  The temperature was a crisp 62 degrees and a few leaves had already made their way to the ground.  And as I walked to the bottom of the stairs and soaked in the view, I couldn’t help but thank and praise the Lord for such a gorgeous day!

Pretty Day at Pretty Place

I hope your Friday is just as beautiful!

  1. mary owens says:

    i married in 00 there .though it didnt work out was beautiful day there in nov 20 . would love to share pics with you one day if i get some time will email them.;)

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