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April 19, 2013

Grace Church Spartanburg Campus Launch

Remember last weekend when my camera went into overdrive and worked from Thursday all the way through Sunday?  Well, here’s what we were capturing on Sunday!  I’ve been at Grace Church since January of 2005 (which makes it really easy to always remember how long I’ve been there!).  And when I started going, they had just finished building the worship center on the  Pelham Road Campus (long before we had other campuses).  It wasn’t until 2007-ish that talk of starting another campus in Powdersville began.  Granted, it had probably been talked about way before then.  So, in early 2008, our second campus started and has grown to roughly 500 people (probably more!) and has an incredible college ministry for students at Clemson and Anderson Universities.

Later that year, I broke off with a core group of people to help start our Downtown Campus and have loved being a part of that.  We started at the Handlebar and while I helped with running lights, I also helped with set up and tear down.  So each week (maybe every other week), I’d get there super early and start bringing stuff up from our basement storage area to get things going.  We’d set up part of the stage, arrange the chairs just so, set out bibles, music stands for the band and the drums?  Yep, that was partly my responsibility.  It’s been a while, but if you need a set of drums put together, I can help!

As we arrived at Converse College this past Sunday, we saw many familiar faces and I felt that same excitement that I’d felt at the Handlebar in 2008.  They were all getting to be a part of something new and amazing and it was happening right in their community!  The core group numbers around 50 and for the past however many years, they’ve all been driving to Greenville to attend church.  But now they get to stay closer to home!  Not only that, but when they invite people, it’s just attending church down the road and not having to make the drive to Greenville.  It’s really exciting!

Check out the website here for more info and service times: http://gracechurchsc.org/spartanburg/

You might recognize Jason from his wedding post

Go time.

One reason we are “One Church. Multiple Locations.” is that we use the amazingness of technology to record the teaching so all campuses are able to hear the same message each week.

Watching these guys was giving me flashbacks to the Handlebar days of our Downtown Campus!

Thank you all so much who left encouraging verses and quotes on the blog yesterday.  A few of you even brought me to tears!  I’m so thankful for each of you that reads and comments on and shares this blog!  I’m also excited to announce the winner of the 12×12 canvas from yesterday’s post…. (drum roll)….. Shannon Tucker!!  I’ll shoot you an email today with the details!  Congrats!

Happy Friday, everyone!

  1. Stephanie says:

    So cool to see Grace at Lawson! I’ve seen it full of ballet dancers and sat in the floor working on fine arts day camp projects, but seeing the service there is by far the best. .Love seeing your pics! :)

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