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April 28, 2015

Hannah + Wes | Cedar Falls Park Engagement Session

I’ve actually known these two since they were in high school… which I’m realizing wasn’t all that recent!  Wes used to mow my grass (before I owned a lawn mower) and believe it or not, he’s the reason I started photographing in manual mode (I’m not sure that he even knows that!).  He asked me one time if I was shooting on manual and when I said no, he simply asked me, “Why not?”  And I couldn’t give him a good answer so I made myself learn how to do it and I’ve never looked back!

Hannah and Wes have known each other for quite a while.  But it wasn’t until they both spent the summer in Allendale, SC serving the community that they got to know each other better.  They spent a lot of their off time together and by the last week of the summer, Wes asked her out on their first date.  And as nervous as they both were, they had a blast at dinner, a Hillsong concert and then wandering downtown with ice cream cones.

They would be the first to tell you that their relationship hasn’t been 100% smooth sailing.  But that’s the beauty of God and following His plans for us instead of our own.  He brings people together at just the right time and molds them for that specific moment!  Hannah and Wes both want nothing more than to follow Him, serve Him and bring others to Him.  And I really believe that with their lives reflecting that, God is going to use them in incredible ways as husband and wife… especially since He’s already done so much in and through them already.

These guys love adventure.  In fact, when we decided to go to Cedar Falls Park after it had been raining for several days, I knew that Wes would be regretting NOT bringing his kayak!  Although, I may have had a heart attack watching him try to go down these falls so it’s best for all of us that he left it at home :-)  However, that didn’t stop him (or Hannah for that matter!) from climbing and adventuring during our session.  Enjoy some of my favorites!

Adventure-engagement-photos-101 Adventure-engagement-photos-102 Adventure-engagement-photos-103 Adventure-engagement-photos-104

I LOVE the setting on Hannah’s ring!

Adventure-engagement-photos-105 Adventure-engagement-photos-106

Oh this light was amazing… as were their dancing skills!

Adventure-engagement-photos-107 Adventure-engagement-photos-108 Adventure-engagement-photos-109 Adventure-engagement-photos-110 Adventure-engagement-photos-111 Adventure-engagement-photos-112 Adventure-engagement-photos-113 Adventure-engagement-photos-114 Adventure-engagement-photos-115 Adventure-engagement-photos-116 Adventure-engagement-photos-117 Adventure-engagement-photos-118

Yes, you see this correctly.  They BOTH climbed this tree!  I definitely kept both of my feet firmly planted on the ground.

Adventure-engagement-photos-119 Adventure-engagement-photos-120

I can’t help but thinK “Hannah and Wes, sittin’ in a tree…”

Adventure-engagement-photos-121 Adventure-engagement-photos-122 Adventure-engagement-photos-123 Adventure-engagement-photos-124

They laugh so well together.

Adventure-engagement-photos-125 Adventure-engagement-photos-127 Adventure-engagement-photos-126 Adventure-engagement-photos-128 Adventure-engagement-photos-129 Adventure-engagement-photos-130 Adventure-engagement-photos-131 Adventure-engagement-photos-132 Adventure-engagement-photos-133 Adventure-engagement-photos-134 Adventure-engagement-photos-135

Congrats again, you guys.  So excited for your wedding in October!


  1. Mel says:

    Aww… beautiful images, Sabrina!! Love these.

  2. Taylor says:

    I love the pictures, Sabrina! You did such a great job capturing their personalities! Hannah and Wes – y’all rock!

  3. Bren Badger says:

    Wesley is my grandson, seldom seen in recent times except thru pictures, but love him lots. Only met Hannah one time for a couple days at my beach house and would love to see both of them more often. Lovely young woman. Kudos to Hannah for climbing the tree barefoot. To Wesley: Shades of Pa Gant – – hands in pockets! Love you both! Fantastic pictures! Nana

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