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December 9, 2015

Hudson MacGregor | Greenville, SC Birth Photographer | St. Francis Eastside

This has been a year of boys for sure.  Most of Catherine’s little friends (well, my friends that have babies around Catherine’s age) are boys.  And the 4 new babies I’ve had the joy of photographing this year have all been boys too!

But regardless of their gender, tiny babies are probably the sweetest things in the world.  And when your own child is born and weighs close to 9lbs, any baby smaller than that seems very little!  So when I walked into the room to meet Hudson less than an hour after he was born, he seemed so tiny as he rested from the full night and day of work he’d just put in.

Hudson MacGregor was born at 11:43am on November 19 and was just barely over 6lbs.  And could not have been any cuter!  Lee and Tyler were so excited that he was here that they just couldn’t stop staring at him.  When family came in to meet him, they were immediately smitten.  Don’t worry, I think you will be too :-)

Lee’s mom was already at St. Francis when I arrived and her sister came in not long after.

St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-101 St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-102

Oh the sweetness!

St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-103 St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-104

His little pinky!  Too funny and adorable!

St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-105 St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-106 St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-107 St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-108 St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-109 St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-110 St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-111 St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-112 St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-113 St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-114 St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-115 St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-116 St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-117 St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-118 St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-119 St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-120 St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-121 St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-122

Tyler is so much of a natural that Hudson was falling asleep and already sucking on that thumb.

St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-123 St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-124 St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-125 St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-126 St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-127 St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-128 St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-129 St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-130

There’s nothing like that grandmother’s love.


Tyler’s dad was immediately taken with Hudson too.

St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-132 St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-133 St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-134 St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-135 St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-136 St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-137 St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-138 St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-139 St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-141 St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-142 St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-143 St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-144 St-Francis-Birth-Photography-Greenville-145

Congrats again, you guys.  Thank you for letting me capture your first few hours with Hudson!

For more information on Birth Photography Packages, feel free to visit the website: http://births.sabrinafields.com/
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    Oh the tears!! These are precious.

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