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September 12, 2017

Isa | 7 Months

It’s true… the second child doesn’t have nearly as many photos as the first.  I had tried to tell myself this wouldn’t happen to us, but when you have a two year old that is into everything and needs as much of her own attention as the baby does, well, photos with the “real camera” don’t happen as often as they did with the first.

And sadly, I didn’t even realize this one was 7 months old until two days after!  So, we’re almost a week late with these photos, but at least we got them!

Isa is as smiley as ever and the cutest thing in the world is watching her and Catherine “play” together.  It’s mostly Catherine making a face or a noise that cracks herself up, which in turn makes Isa laugh, which then makes Catherine laugh some more.  I had a brother growing up and while we played together and loved/hated each other (as these two will also), watching two sisters grow up together is something I’m loving already!

Isa is working so hard to sit up by herself (another side affect of being a second child, you get carried around and propped up so much that sitting on your own may come later than it did for big sister), she loves munching on whatever happens to make contact with her mouth, she loves her veggies but isn’t so crazy about oatmeal.


The craziest thing this past week is that when I’ve gone to get her up or have her laying on her changing table, I feel like I’m looking at myself when I was a baby.  It’s more in the facial expressions she gives me than anything else, but it’s crazy!  It’s fun though that Catherine has so many of Ben’s features and Isa seems to have so many of mine :-)


Oh my goodness, baby girl, you are adorable!


Real life shot: cloth diapers hanging in the background and papa continually propping her up in between shots!

Isa-7months-104 Isa-7months-105

  1. She is a doll! And I love the “real life” one with the diapers & Ben. She does resemble you! Happy 7 months, Isa!

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