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May 20, 2013

It’s a Yoga Pants Kind of Day

Way back when I began dreaming of “being a photographer”, my dreams included working from the couch in my PJs while I stayed up late and slept in late the next morning.  I mean, what’s better than getting to stay in your PJs all day??  Well, now that I’m here, that I get to work from home, there are in fact days that I end up working in my PJs… all day long.  And to be honest… I LOVE IT!

Some days it’s completely unintentional because I’ll get up to make breakfast before Ben leaves for work, and when he walks out the door, I’ll sit down at my computer to do “one or two quick things” before I get ready for the day.  But sometimes, I’ll finish up those “one or two quick things” (which actually turned into MANY things) and realize that not only has the morning flown by, but so has lunch time.  But you know what?  It’s days like that when I don’t necessarily feel like I’ve been working at all.  Which is such an amazing reminder of how much I love my job.

And from the past week of being out and about with various sessions and last weekend’s wedding and a bridal session this weekend and some corporate stuff last week… well, the yoga pants and I get to bond today and I’m pretty pumped about it!  And not just because they’re super comfy, but because it means there is NOTHING on the calendar for today and I get to stay in the office to get some things done!  I even folded laundry and washed dishes last night so I wouldn’t be distracted today.  How’s that for planning and knowing my weaknesses??

Happy Monday, everyone!

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