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April 27, 2017

Jackie + Jason | A Bald Rock Engagement Session

God has such a funny way of carrying out His plans.  At least they seem funny to us because we like to get our own ideas in our heads and most of the time, it’s not even close to what God is actually doing.

But for Jackie and Jason, all of that is almost two-fold.  They’ve known each other for as long as Ben and I have been married because they met at church in the fall of 2011.  But before that, from 2008 to 2009, they were both in the same physical therapy program but never met!  Even after they had both graduated, there was a conference or two when they could have met, but God didn’t bring them together then either.

And after they did finally meet, they remained friends for 4 years before going on their first date!  And believe it or not, I remember one of Jackie’s bridesmaids telling me about this first date last summer!  So, to be a part of their wedding in a couple of months is beyond exciting.  Even more so because Jackie has actually provided cupcakes for a couple of weddings we’ve photographed and now I get to photograph HER wedding!

Jackie and Jason really enjoy the outdoors and hiking so when I suggested we venture up to Bald Rock for sunrise, I was ecstatic they were willing to get up early for it!  My alarm went off before 5am, which isn’t so unusual these days with a small baby, but you guys, it was SOOOO worth it.  You’ll see in the photos, but when we parked and walked out onto the rock, it was like we were looking out on a sea of clouds with green islands scattered around.  It was incredible.

Jackie and Jason, thank you for trusting me for such an early session on Saturday and thank you for trusting me to capture your wedding day in June… I can’t wait!

Bald-Rock-Engagement-Photos-101 Bald-Rock-Engagement-Photos-102 Bald-Rock-Engagement-Photos-103

It was like their backdrop was a sea of clouds with green islands peeking through.
It was an incredible view with an incredible couple!

Bald-Rock-Engagement-Photos-104 Bald-Rock-Engagement-Photos-105 Bald-Rock-Engagement-Photos-106 Bald-Rock-Engagement-Photos-107 Bald-Rock-Engagement-Photos-108 Bald-Rock-Engagement-Photos-109

Y’all are the best!!


These two…  their laughter is contagious and they can soak each other in so easily too.


And her ring!  Such an awesome job, Jason!

Bald-Rock-Engagement-Photos-113 Bald-Rock-Engagement-Photos-112 Bald-Rock-Engagement-Photos-114

Bald-Rock-Engagement-Photos-115 Bald-Rock-Engagement-Photos-116

Oh I love this one, you guys!

Bald-Rock-Engagement-Photos-117 Bald-Rock-Engagement-Photos-118 Bald-Rock-Engagement-Photos-119 Bald-Rock-Engagement-Photos-120 Bald-Rock-Engagement-Photos-121 Bald-Rock-Engagement-Photos-122 Bald-Rock-Engagement-Photos-123 Bald-Rock-Engagement-Photos-124 Bald-Rock-Engagement-Photos-125

Sometimes tree branches just work in your favor… this one is another favorite!!

Bald-Rock-Engagement-Photos-126 Bald-Rock-Engagement-Photos-127 Bald-Rock-Engagement-Photos-128 Bald-Rock-Engagement-Photos-129 Bald-Rock-Engagement-Photos-130 Bald-Rock-Engagement-Photos-131 Bald-Rock-Engagement-Photos-132 Bald-Rock-Engagement-Photos-133 Bald-Rock-Engagement-Photos-134 Bald-Rock-Engagement-Photos-135

This was one of the last handful of photos we took and I just love it.  It’s simple, it’s beautiful, and it shows them hand in hand with God’s creation before them.  Congrats again, you two.  Can’t wait to celebrate with you in June!


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  1. Taylor says:

    Everything about this is dreamy and perfect! Love the photos, love the people, love the story. Congrats Jackie and Jason!

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