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May 1, 2017

Liam + Lucy | Asheville Birth Photographer | Mission Hospital

When Jess first emailed me about photographing the birth of their twins, I could hardly believe what I was reading… TWINS!  But I wasn’t sure if it was going to work out because of the due date and my first wedding of the spring season.  But something was tugging at me so I emailed her back to start a conversation all the while hoping and praying that I could be there to document the birth of their babies.

As we emailed back and forth, Jess told me more of their story and the journey that God brought them on and I just KNEW I needed to be there.  They weren’t sure when or how they would be blessed with children, but they knew they were supposed to be parents so they tried several paths all the while praying about what God wanted them to do.  And as they thought one door was closing, a huge one opened when they found out they were expecting twins!

When Jess and Clay were getting closer to their due date, she emailed me to let me know one of the babies was breech so they would be scheduling a c-section, which meant I would definitely be able to be there!  So, a week ago today, I drove up to Asheville to welcome these sweet children into the world along with their parents and more medical staff than I’ve seen in any delivery.  But with two babies being born a couple weeks early, they wanted to have all hands on deck.

Jess and Clay, THANK YOU for asking me to document such an amazing day for you guys.  It was incredible to be a small piece of what God is doing in your lives and it was such a blessing to be there with all four of you!

Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-102 Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-101 Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-103

They weren’t sharing the names of the babies until they were born, so I was excited to see their names on the board when I walked into their hospital room!  Liam is short for William (a family name) and Lucy is Jess’s favorite character from The Chronicles of Narnia.  But they wanted the names to begin with the same letter so Liam and Lucy worked perfectly!

Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-104 Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-105

I love this one of Jess – getting a few moments to herself before meeting their babies.


Their doctor had walked through this whole adventure with them and Jess told me that he would want to pray with her and Clay before going into the operating room and warned me that she would probably cry.  I told her I completely understood ALL the emotions and ALL the hormones and to just let it all out!

Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-107 Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-108

Such a special moment…

Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-109 Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-110

One last bump photo before meeting their son and daughter.

Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-111 Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-112 Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-113

Clay and I got our scrubs put on while waiting for Jess to be prepped and less than 20 minutes later they came to get us!

Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-114 Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-115 Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-116 Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-117 Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-118

Baby A was their son, Liam!

Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-119 Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-120

And baby B was their daughter, Lucy!

Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-121 Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-122 Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-123 Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-124 Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-125 Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-126

Liam is in the bassinet on the left and Lucy is in the one on the right.

Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-127 Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-128 Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-129

Liam weighed in at 6lbs 7oz.


Oh I love this one of Clay with a hand on each baby!


Lucy’s tiny little fingers!


And Liam’s sweet little hand.

Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-133 Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-134 Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-135

This.  My heart exploded when this happened.  Lucy was upset so the nurse brought Liam over and touched his nose to her face… within moments she calmed right down.  It was one of the most precious things I’ve ever seen.


Lucy weighed just an ounce less than her brother!


Jess got to kiss Liam’s little face first as they finished getting Lucy wrapped up.

Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-138 Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-139 Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-140

DOUBLE the joy!!

Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-141 Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-142

I seriously had trouble handling all of the sweetness!

Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-143 Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-144 Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-145 Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-146 Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-147 Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-148 Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-149 Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-150 Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-151

I love this SO much.

Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-152 Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-153 Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-154 Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-155 Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-156 Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-157 Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-158 Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-159 Asheville-Birth-Photographer-twins-160

This one had to be posted in color :-)



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  1. Jess says:

    We just can’t stop looking through these. You captured and told our story so perfectly. SO thankful you were there!

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