May 4, 2017

Kristin + Cameron | A Furman University + Revel Wedding | Greenville, SC

Kristin had the usual pre-wedding jitters, mostly centered around getting everything done and what the weather was going to do.  But she didn’t have any reason to worry!  Because even if lots of things weren’t finished and it poured rain, she was still getting to marry her best friend!

So many friends and family members came from across the country and around the globe to celebrate.  Kristin’s bridesmaids surrounded her with beautiful smiles and prayer throughout the day and Cameron’s groomsmen were never short on jokes or laughter!  The weather was hot but it never rained, the trolly taking us to Furman took a wrong turn on our way to get photos of the girls and Kristin’s family, but it ended up being a perfect wrong turn.  Prom goers were all over campus, including at the bell tower (where we were headed), but the trolly turned a little early and instead of dodging tons of people, we had a beautiful spot all to ourselves with the lake and bell tower in the background!  I told Kristin it was the most wonderful mistake because it was a gorgeous location for photos.

Everything went smoothly all day and before we all knew it, we were on our way to the reception to eat and dance the night away!  This was my first time hearing Steel Toe Stiletto and they were amazing!  They had everyone dancing until the very end of the night. Which makes for some pretty incredible dancing photos :-)

Congrats again, Kristin and Cameron!  You are so loved by your friends and family and I loved being with you on your wedding day!  I hope you’re enjoying your Italian adventure and that you have some extra gelato for me!!

Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-101 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-102 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-103 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-104 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-105

One of Kristin’s bridesmaids (I’m looking at you Kaitlyn Fowler!) hand lettered the invitations… aren’t they incredible??

Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-106 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-107

Kristin is a nurse.  Cameron just finished nursing school.  So when she told me they had Qalo rings to wear for work that she wanted photos of,
I asked her to bring their stethoscopes too.  And I think this may be my new favorite ring shot!

Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-108 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-109 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-110 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-111

And that bow tie!!!  Swoon.

Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-112 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-113 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-114

Kristin’s last day with her old monogram :-)


I know every girl with straight hair says it, but I LOVE Kristin’s hair.  It was perfect for her wedding day look too!

Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-116 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-117 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-118 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-119 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-120 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-121 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-122

Gah!  So beautiful, Kristin!!


And those colors…

Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-124 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-125 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-126 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-127 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-128 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-129 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-130 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-131 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-132 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-133 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-134 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-135 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-136 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-137 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-138 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-139 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-139b Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-140 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-141 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-142 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-143 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-145 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-144 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-146 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-147 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-148 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-149 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-150 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-151 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-152 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-153 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-154 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-155 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-156 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-157 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-158 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-159

Kristin brought her new puppy to our community group the first day she got her.  Tilly was so small (and sleepy) that she just snuggled and slept
with whomever was holding her!  I can’t believe how big she is now, but gosh, she’s still just as cute!!

Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-160 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-161 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-162 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-163 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-164 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-165 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-166 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-167

I seriously love this family portrait of them!

Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-168 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-169 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-170 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-171 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-172 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-173 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-174 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-175 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-176 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-177 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-178

Revel is a new venue in Greenville and I’ve been looking forward to shooting there because – little known fact – our church met here for a while before we found a permanent building in downtown!  Revel has done an incredible job of remodeling the space and when we arrived and the light was doing THIS, I snagged Kristin and Cameron for a minute before they were introduced at their reception.  When the light is that gorgeous and your couple is up for anything, you have to take advantage!!


Why yes, hot Krispy Kreme donuts did arrive at 10pm and yes, I had one :-)

Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-180 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-181 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-182 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-183 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-184 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-185 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-186 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-187 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-188 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-189 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-190 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-191 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-192 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-193 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-194 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-195


Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-198 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-199 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-200 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-201

And then we all danced the night away…

Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-202 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-203 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-204 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-205 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-206 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-207 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-208 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-209 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-210 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-211 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-212 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-213 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-214 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-215 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-216 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-217 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-218 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-219

Congrats, you two!!

Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-220 Furman-Revel-wedding-photos-221

Many thanks to the talented team of vendors who made Kristin and Cameron’s wedding so wonderful!

Ceremony | Furman University
Reception | Revel Event Center
Wedding Dress | Poinsett Bride, Allure Romantic
Bridesmaid’s Dresses | Magnolia’s Bridal, Bill Levkoff

Invitations | Kaitlyn Fowler
Groomsman Suits | Men’s Wearhouse
Bride’s Hair & Makeup | Beth Pistolis with Browning Studio
Bridesmaid’s Hair & Makeup | Maria Albright
Florist | Greg Foster
Wedding Coordinator | Mary Hearne
Minister | Dan Kirkpatrick
Ceremony Music | Emily Cupelli (guitar & vocals), Mary Elizabeth Arthurs (viola)
Ceremony Vocals | Molly Stengel
Band | Steel Toe Stiletto
Catering | Revel Event Center
Cake | Brick Street

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