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May 9, 2017

Becca + Landon | A Clemson Engagement Session

It’s safe to say that Becca’s brother was mostly responsible for her and Landon getting together, although it was very indirectly. Landon was in the same fraternity as Becca’s brother so she would see Landon when she would go hang out with her brother. Then, between her brother inviting Landon to go on their family vacation and seeing each other at tailgates in Clemson that fall, they got to know one another and he finally asked Becca for her number!

Landon said at one point they decided to just be friends, but he chose to ignore that agreement and continued to pursue her!  It’s a good thing he stuck to what he was feeling because these two are such an incredible pair.  I’ve only spent a little bit of time with them, but they are so kind and welcoming and it’s just fun watching Becca’s face light up when she’s with Landon.  She can pull off a fierce look for the camera, but it doesn’t take much for Landon to get that radiant smile to light up her face.

Thank you guys for meeting me in Clemson for your engagement session.  It’s always fun to wander campus with other alums and you guys were no exception!  Becca, I’m so excited for your bridal portraits and especially to celebrate with you guys in September as you become husband and wife!

Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-101 Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-102 Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-103 Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-104

There’s that smile I was telling y’all about!


I couldn’t believe it when I looked at this shot of her ring and there seemed to be a heart right in the middle of it!

Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-106 Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-107 Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-108 Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-109

Oh how I love a classic black and white photo.

Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-110 Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-111 Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-112 Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-113 Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-114

Becca, you have some amazing style… not to mention you’re gorgeous!

Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-115 Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-116 Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-117 Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-118 Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-119 Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-120 Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-121

Oh how I love finding this glowy light!!

Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-122 Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-123 Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-124

This is one of my favorite spots in Clemson… and I didn’t even find it until a couple of years ago.
It feels like the middle of a dream!

Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-125 Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-126

I think this was around the time I told them they’d reached model status.  Look at these two!

Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-127 Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-128 Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-129 Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-130 Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-131 Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-132 Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-133 Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-134 Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-135 Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-136

We ended their session out on the dike and holy cow, it was gorgeous.

Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-137 Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-138

Y’all, this may be a favorite…


But then I really love this one too!

Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-140 Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-142 Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-141 Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-143 Landon-Becca-Clemson-engagement-pictures-144

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