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November 21, 2014

Jennifer + Hunter | The Cotton Warehouse, Monroe, GA

It was a chilly, overcast day and it was supposed to rain later in the evening.  But from the moment Jennifer walked into the Cotton Warehouse, you would never have been able to tell that anything was amiss.  Her smile and laughter filled every space that she occupied!  She was actually GLOWING from the excitement of getting to marry Hunter that day!

He was a little more reserved than she was… and while his nerves kept him a little more on the quiet side, his eyes lit up the moment he saw her walking down the aisle.  He had eyes for no one else, his thoughts were on no one else, and as they were pronounced husband and wife, he wrapped her in his arms never wanting to let her go.

On Sunday afternoon, Jennifer and Hunter pledged their lives to each other in front of an intimate gathering of friends and family.  And it could not have been a sweeter day!

Jennifer and Hunter, thank you so much for allowing us to capture your day for you!  We hope you’re having a blast this week as you travel through the mountains!

Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-101 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-102 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-103 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-104 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-105 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-106 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-107

The colors that Jennifer picked out were perfect for fall!

Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-108 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-109 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-110 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-111 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-112 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-113 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-114

Just gorgeous!!

Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-115 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-116 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-117 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-118 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-119 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-120

Hunter LIT UP when he saw Jennifer emerge from the bridal suite!

Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-121 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-122

And he could not stop smiling!

Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-123 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-124 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-125 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-126 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-127

Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-128 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-129 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-130 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-131 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-132


Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-133 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-134

And she could not stop laughing!  She was so excited!

Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-135 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-136

Oh my goodness, I love this one!

Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-137 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-138 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-139 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-140 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-141 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-142 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-143 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-144 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-145 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-146 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-147 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-148 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-149

I don’t normally include the large family group photos on blog posts,
but with their wedding being such an intimate one (and much of my family being there), I wanted to share these!
This is Jennifer’s side of the family…


My cousin married Hunter’s mom, so Hunter became part of my family before he was even a teenager!


And this is Hunter’s mom’s side…



The cakes were made by Chef Steph and they were AMAZING!

Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-151 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-152

How amazing of a groom’s cake is this??  Hunter loves Kit-Kat so it made sense to have it in cake form!

Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-153 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-154 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-155 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-156 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-157 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-158 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-159 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-160 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-161 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-162 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-163 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-164

They were so sweet to let the ring bearer and flower girl cut the groom’s cake (under supervision, of course).


And the results of their cutting…!

Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-166 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-167 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-168 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-169

This was adorable!  Jennifer’s grandma caught the bouquet!

Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-170 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-171 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-172 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-173 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-174 Cotton-Warehouse-Wedding-photos-175 Credits coming soon!

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