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December 19, 2018

joshua edward | nashville birth photographer | stonecrest medical

God’s timing is always perfect.  We may not understand it at the time, or even years later, but He always has a reason for the way things unfold.

I’ve known Arica since 2004 when we both moved across the Atlantic to live in Brussels, Belgium and serve with missionaries (who are now like family).  Since then we’ve visited each other’s home states, traveled to Mexico for vacation, been in each other’s weddings, and met each other’s babies!  I can’t imagine doing life without this girl and while she wasn’t able to be at my brother’s funeral, I was able to FaceTime with her the night before to read through what I was going to say and then was able to hug her neck before the end of the week.  It was exactly what my soul needed :-)

The next morning, we were all up SUPER early for Arica’s scheduled c-section.  Like with their first, they weren’t finding out the gender so we were all anxiously awaiting.  I wasn’t able to go into the operating room, so I sent my extra camera with Chris so they could have those “first moment” photos of their baby, and he got some perfect photos!

Then Arica’s parents and I finally got the call that the baby was here and that we could walk down to the nursery to wait on Chris to come through and let us know if it was baby Rebekah or baby Joshua.  He’d been practicing his sign language so he could tell us through the windows!

You guys, thank you for letting me a part of your lives, even after all these years.  What a JOY to be there on the first day of your children’s lives… it still makes me tear up to think about how sweet it was to be there with you and snuggle your SON before I drove home.  I love you all to pieces and hope you love scrolling through the best parts of that amazing day!

We knew the baby was here but we didn’t know yet if it was a boy or a girl!
So we were excited walking down to the nursery!

The sign for BOY!!

I HAD to have a photo with my newest nephew! (Thank you, Chris!)

A Christmas baby in a Christmas stocking definitely needed to be in color!

Before I left, Chris went home to get Savannah so we could get photos of her meeting her baby brother for the first time!!  She was more unsure of me with the camera than of the new baby :-)

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