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November 15, 2021

Julia Ann + Corbin | Lake Jocassee Engagement Session

Julia Ann and Corbin have actually known each other since high school.  They attended the same church, but as he puts it, he was “the loud one who was constantly causing problems and she was the sweet, innocent one who knew how to behave” so their paths rarely crossed!

Thankfully, the following summer, they were both on the same mission trip and finally had a chance to connect.  He had matured a bit and she was ready to give him a chance!  They went on their first date that summer and as they say, “the rest is history!”

These two were so much fun and I loved getting to know them both some more at their engagement session.  Julia Ann was actually a bridesmaid in Madison’s wedding just over a year ago and I LOVE that it’s not her turn to be the bride!

One of Julia Ann’s requests for their engagement session was to have some focus on the groom.  It’s easy for photographers to focus on the bride (I mean, she’s always the prettier one!) but a wedding day wouldn’t be happening without BOTH of them there.  But Corbin requested more shots of her than of him… So we compromised and agreed to focus on them as a couple :-)

They are both Clemson grads (Go Tigers!) so we had to include all 3 rings for at least one photo!

I believe this was when I said we were all done and then proceeded to take 5 more minutes worth of photos!

The extra 5 minutes was worth it.

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