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October 16, 2014

Karen + Brad | A Columbia Fall Engagement Session

They met at the restaurant where he worked and had just hired her brother.  But it wasn’t for a few more years that they started hanging out and really getting to know each other.

Karen and Brad are both animal lovers and they’re both passionate about running and fitness.  So the fact that they get to do these things together only strengthens their relationship!  A couple of years ago, a friend of theirs brought Run for God to their church where a group gathers to study the bible but also trains together – whether it’s for a 5k or a marathon.  The focus of the entire thing is to help people relate their running with their walk with God.  As Karen and Brad studied together and ran together, they started signing up for races together too.  And less than a year ago, someone gifted them their entries into the first Rock ‘n Roll marathon/half-marathon that would be in Raleigh, NC!  They knew it was time to up their game and training, but since it was something they could do together, they knew it was possible.

When this past April rolled around, they made their way up to Raleigh for the weekend’s adventure.  They shared their ritual pre-race breakfast, although both will admit to pre-race jitters because of what laid ahead.  Little did Karen know that some of Brad’s nerves were from what he knew would follow the race! They didn’t stick together for the 13.1 miles, but knew they’d find each other at the finish line.  As she ran and cried and admired the beautiful surroundings of the quaint town, she couldn’t believe she was running a half marathon and would get to fall into the arms of her favorite side-kick when it was all over.  And when she found him after crossing the finish line, she burst into tears… tears from the pain of what she’d just done, but also the emotion that comes with accomplishing something like that!

As they recovered with snacks and cooling down, they found the perfect spot for their ritual post-race photo.  They stopped a woman and asked if she’d take the photo and while Karen was climbing up on the base of the statue of Sir Walter Raleigh, Brad explained what he was about to do and asked if she would get video instead.  As Karen smiled for a picture, Brad asked her to slide over a bit.  When she looked over at him, he was down on one knee with a diamond ring in his hand.  He’d run the entire race with it laced (securely!) inside of his shoe!  And after one of the most memorable races for either of them, he asked Karen to be his wife.

Karen… I can’t believe I’ve known you since you were 10 years old.  But it just makes it that much more exciting for me to capture this time in your life!  God has brought an amazing man to you and I am so thankful for the way he loves and cares for you and Jimmy.  I can not wait to capture your wedding in June! Columbia-fall-pumpkin-engagement-photos-101

We began at the river front in Columbia close to where they first met… where the restaurant Brad worked at used to be.

Columbia-fall-pumpkin-engagement-photos-102 Columbia-fall-pumpkin-engagement-photos-103

The scenery, the light, and especially their laughter was all perfect!

Columbia-fall-pumpkin-engagement-photos-104 Columbia-fall-pumpkin-engagement-photos-105 Columbia-fall-pumpkin-engagement-photos-106 Columbia-fall-pumpkin-engagement-photos-107

Oh my goodness, I love this one!!


And I know this one is similar but I loved it too…

Columbia-fall-pumpkin-engagement-photos-109 Columbia-fall-pumpkin-engagement-photos-110 Columbia-fall-pumpkin-engagement-photos-111 Columbia-fall-pumpkin-engagement-photos-112

All of my couples always ask me whether I will help them know what to do for the photos.  And my answer is yes, I’ll direct them and tell them how to pose.  But almost every time, there comes a point in the session where they get comfortable and just know what to do… and that’s when images like this happen.  And I love it!

Columbia-fall-pumpkin-engagement-photos-113 Columbia-fall-pumpkin-engagement-photos-114 Columbia-fall-pumpkin-engagement-photos-115

You guys will also be proud of me… I didn’t hold it against them at all that they were wearing Gamecock colors :-)


Still a favorite!!

Columbia-fall-pumpkin-engagement-photos-117 Columbia-fall-pumpkin-engagement-photos-118 Columbia-fall-pumpkin-engagement-photos-119 Columbia-fall-pumpkin-engagement-photos-120 Columbia-fall-pumpkin-engagement-photos-121

Another ones of those where they just got lost in each other… all I did was capture the moment.

Columbia-fall-pumpkin-engagement-photos-122 Columbia-fall-pumpkin-engagement-photos-123 Columbia-fall-pumpkin-engagement-photos-124 Columbia-fall-pumpkin-engagement-photos-125 Columbia-fall-pumpkin-engagement-photos-126 Columbia-fall-pumpkin-engagement-photos-127 Columbia-fall-pumpkin-engagement-photos-128 Columbia-fall-pumpkin-engagement-photos-129

We headed over to their church for some running photos on the track behind the building, but with the front lawn full of pumpkins, we had to get a few photos here first!

Columbia-fall-pumpkin-engagement-photos-130 Columbia-fall-pumpkin-engagement-photos-131 Columbia-fall-pumpkin-engagement-photos-132 Columbia-fall-pumpkin-engagement-photos-133 Columbia-fall-pumpkin-engagement-photos-134 Columbia-fall-pumpkin-engagement-photos-135 Columbia-fall-pumpkin-engagement-photos-136 Columbia-fall-pumpkin-engagement-photos-137 Columbia-fall-pumpkin-engagement-photos-138 Columbia-fall-pumpkin-engagement-photos-139 Columbia-fall-pumpkin-engagement-photos-140

  1. Karen says:

    SABRINA, I LOOOOOOOVE THESE!!! :) I couldn’t be happier with how these turned out! You’re amazing! Love you!!! :)

  2. Denise Burcham says:

    Sabrina, these are absolutely gorgeous! You are so awesome to capture their spirit of love! Thank you!

  3. Barbara Hendrix says:

    I am Brad’s mom and I just want to tell you these pictures are awesome! Can’t wait to see the wedding pictures!

  4. Jessica H Morris says:

    You captured such sweet pics of Brad and Karen! Tears rolled down my cheeks! My heart is so happy for Brad and Karen!

  5. Marc Burcham says:

    My daughter is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS (must have her mother’s genes)!!

    WOW! Sabrina, you have triumphed. And you are still so cute!!


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