May 26, 2016

Brad + Karen | Expecting Baby

What I love about incorporating births into my business is that it’s allowed me to stay connected to some of my brides for a bit longer, to meet people I might not have had the chance to meet, and in this case, to stay in touch with some that I’ve known for 20 years!

Brad and Karen were married last summer and this year, they’ll be celebrating their anniversary with a sweet new baby boy!  They were coming through Greenville and stopped by for a maternity session and big brother Jimmy even hopped into a few photos :-)  He was fascinated by our backyard and I heard all kinds of stories of his previous adventures in the great outdoors.  The biggest thing I heard though without him actually saying it?  He’s going to be an amazing big brother to little Lucas.  Hands down.

I can’t wait to get the call that he’s on his way… you guys, it was so fun to see you and Karen’s adorable little bump!  I’ll see y’all soon!

Brad-Karen-Maternity-101 Brad-Karen-Maternity-102 Brad-Karen-Maternity-103 Brad-Karen-Maternity-104 Brad-Karen-Maternity-105 Brad-Karen-Maternity-106

If you remember from their engagement session, they really enjoy running and working out together.  So when she said someone had given them a pair of baby Asics, we had to incorporate them into some photos!

Brad-Karen-Maternity-107 Brad-Karen-Maternity-108 Brad-Karen-Maternity-109 Brad-Karen-Maternity-110

I hope you guys put this up in Lucas’s nursery so he’ll always remember how much he’s loved by his family!

Brad-Karen-Maternity-111 Brad-Karen-Maternity-112

You guys… whether you’re in wedding attire or getting ready for a baby, y’all are amazing!

Brad-Karen-Maternity-113 Brad-Karen-Maternity-114

You guys are the cutest!

Brad-Karen-Maternity-115 Brad-Karen-Maternity-116 Brad-Karen-Maternity-117 Brad-Karen-Maternity-119 Brad-Karen-Maternity-120



Karen’s beautiful hair and makeup was done by Latia of Cotton Rouge.

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