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June 16, 2015

Karen + Brad | Mt Hebron UMC and The Historic Springdale House & Gardens Wedding

I distinctly remember baby sitting Karen and her two younger brothers when she was in elementary school.  And I remember their house pretty well too because I was over there once a week for violin lessons with her mom.  Not only that, but her dad was the music minister at our church so he directed the youth choir, which I sang in (or at least tried to sing in!).  So, you can say that we were around this sweet family quite a bit before I left for college!  Thankfully, I’ve been able to see and catch up with Karen over the past several months, but it had been ages since I’d seen her parents.  And when I saw her dad, he insisted on two hugs to make up for lost time!

No family ever goes through life without any hard times, but to look at Karen, her parents, her son and her new husband, it’s so obvious that God has been in the center of their lives for quite a while.  And as Karen and Brad said their vows, they gave Him all of the honor and glory for what He has done in them individually and as a couple.  It was obvious how overwhelmed they were with all of this when they had a few quiet moments during their First Look.  And when I realized that they were praying as I was capturing these sweet moments, I came this close to shedding tears of my own!

Saturday may have been one of the hottest days of the year so far, but these two took everything in stride… they cared about little other than becoming husband and wife and celebrating with friends and family!  You guys, THANK YOU for letting us document your day.  It was such an honor and so special to me to watch you two promise to love, protect and respect each other in this new adventure!  We love you guys!

Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-100 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-101 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-102 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-103 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-104 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-105 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-106 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-107 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-108 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-109 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-110 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-111 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-112 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-113

Quite possibly one of the sweetest first looks I’ve ever seen…

Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-114 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-115 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-116 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-117 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-118 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-119 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-120 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-121 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-122

Karen… just, wow.

Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-123 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-124 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-125 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-126 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-127 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-128 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-129 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-130 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-131 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-132 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-133 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-134 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-135

The anticipation…

Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-136 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-137


Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-139 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-140 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-141 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-142 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-143 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-144 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-145 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-146 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-147 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-148


Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-149 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-150Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-151 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-152 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-153 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-154 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-155 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-156 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-157

Karen and Brad’s reception was held at the The Historic Springdale House & Gardens and it was stunning!
I could have photographed them there all day long!

Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-158 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-159 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-160 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-161 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-162 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-163 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-164 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-165 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-166

Three generations of beautiful marriages.

Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-167 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-168 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-169 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-170 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-171 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-172 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-173 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-174 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-175 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-176 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-177 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-178 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-179 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-180 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-181 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-182 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-183 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-184 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-185 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-186Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-187 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-188 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-189 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-190 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-191 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-192 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-193 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-194 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-195 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-196 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-197 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-198 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-199 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-200 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-201 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-202 Karen-Brad-Historic-Springdale-House-Columbia-203

So many thanks to all of these amazing vendors who made Karen & Brad’s wedding extra wonderful!

Ceremony | Mt. Hebron United Methodist Church
Reception | The Historic Springdale House & Gardens
Wedding Dress |David’s Bridal, Galina Signature
Bridesmaids Dresses | David’s Bridal
Groomsmen’s Suits | Men’s Wearhouse
Wedding Coordinator | Mary Brunson
Hair Artist | Brittany K of Hair Visions Salon & Spa
Makeup Artist | Brittany B of Hair Visions Salon & Spa
Florals | Flowers From the Heart, Becky Kinard
DJ | Josh Griffin
Wedding Invitations | Paper Pro, Inc.
Cake | Susan at Chocolate Nirvana
Catering | Springdale House & Gardens

  1. […] Brad and Karen were married last summer and this year, they’ll be celebrating their anniversary with a sweet new baby boy!  They were coming through Greenville and stopped by for a maternity session and big brother Jimmy even hopped into a few photos :-)  He was fascinated by our backyard and I heard all kinds of stories of his previous adventures in the great outdoors.  The biggest thing I heard though without him actually saying it?  He’s going to be an amazing big brother to little Lucas.  Hands down. […]

  2. […] Brad and Karen were married a year ago yesterday and Karen is the one I’ve known since she was 10.  TEN.  So when she texted me that they were pregnant and wanted me to not only photograph the birth in June, but that they wanted me to come to Columbia (1.5 hours from where I live), I was SO excited!  But I started praying then that everything would work out. […]

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