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June 15, 2016

20 Fingers and 20 Toes in 19 Hours

It’s funny how we get plans in our heads and worry about how they may or may not turn out… It’s a constant lesson for me to have faith in what God is doing and trusting Him with all of it.  So, when days like yesterday happen, I’m reminded (yet again) of God’s faithfulness and how His plans are always much bigger and better than my own.

On my birth website, it says that I will only take on birth clients in the wedding off-season. However, when two sweet moms contacted me saying they were due in June (aka middle of wedding season craziness!), I just couldn’t say no.

Brad and Karen were married a year ago yesterday and Karen is the one I’ve known since she was 10.  TEN.  So when she texted me that they were pregnant and wanted me to not only photograph the birth in June, but that they wanted me to come to Columbia (1.5 hours from where I live), I was SO excited!  But I started praying then that everything would work out.

Well, William and Kendall were expecting their second baby this month too.  And after photographing Carter’s birth 2.5 years ago, I knew that I didn’t want to miss their daughter’s birth either! So again, I began praying for the timing of everything.

And the Lord knew exactly what He was doing… this month I have two weddings, two adoptions at the courthouse, two births and several meetings and an engagement session.  I had a backup photographer to cover Kendall and William’s birth last weekend since I had a wedding in Georgia, but it was actually Karen I was worried about because she was showing more signs of early labor at that point.

Well, we made it through the wedding and no one went into labor!  Then yesterday morning at 4:00am, I got the call from Karen that they were definitely in labor and on their way to the hospital!  So I left 30 minutes later to make the drive to Columbia.  I’ll tell you more about it all when I post their photos but the one thing I NEVER expected was to get a call from Kendall in Greenville, just 45 minutes before Karen started pushing, to say that her water had broken.

Of all my planning, all my praying, and the odds of everything lining up just right, it NEVER crossed my mind that both of my June mamas would go into labor on the SAME day.  OhMyHeavens.

Again, I’ll share more of these stories with their photos in the coming weeks, but as I drove home from Greenville Memorial at 11:30pm, after shooting Kendall’s delivery, I could not believe that God had not only allowed me to be at both births, but now the stress I was putting on myself in regards to the timing of everything was GONE!  Both babies were here and healthy and cute as buttons!!

Now hopefully I’ll just remember all of this and God’s faithfulness when it comes to other things, especially in my own life.  Because I don’t want to be like the disciples who would see Jesus perform a miracle and then promptly worry about the next thing in front of them. God’s plans may not be MY plans, but I would much rather follow His plans than my own because His are ALWAYS better.  Always.


  1. Joanna says:

    Such a valuable lesson to learn! And who better to teach reliance on God in timing than wrinkly, puffy, soft newborns whose grunts and coos turn our world of schedules and deadlines upside down? I love that you not only share what you do but how it affects you :-). I can’t wait to see the baby pics!

  2. Denise says:

    I prayed for your safe travels from point A to point B and home! I know you were exhausted today! It was so great to get to visit with you and I can’t wait to see your beautiful photos. Thanks for being such a great friend.

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