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June 17, 2016

Cami + Topher | A Rose Lawn Museum + Midway Presbyterian Church Wedding

I have been looking forward to this wedding since the moment we first met about their wedding.  These two are some of the most wonderful, kind and loving people you will ever meet and my only regret is that we don’t live closer together!  But getting to spend their entire wedding day with them was the next best thing.

They were both so calm and excited and there wasn’t an ounce of nerves in either of them!  But, when we looked around at all of their friends and family, there was nothing but joy and excitement for the day ahead.  I tell my brides all the time that as soon as they wake up on their wedding day, I just want them to choose to let everything go and to enjoy it!  Because by the time they wake up that morning, all of the planning is done and if something doesn’t happen or go quite as planned, no one is going to know but them.  So how better to enjoy the day than to begin it by letting everything go??  And Cami did JUST that and had a smile on her face the entire day.

Cami and Topher are both from big families and I loved it!  Cami is one of 10 kids and Topher is not just a triplet but he also has an older brother and a younger sister.  So when I say this was a family affair, it truly was!  Cami’s older brother is Topher’s best friend, so he was the best man.  And Cami’s older sister is her best friend so she was the maid of honor.  And when these two gave their toasts at the reception, it was so obvious just how much they are loved and adored and how well God created them for each other.

Thank you guys for including me and Anna in your festivities and for allowing us to capture your day!  It was beautiful!  I hope you guys are enjoying your time out west.  When you get home, I hope you enjoy reliving your day through some of my favorite photos from your wedding!

Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-101 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-102 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-103

Apparently, Topher is quite the craftsman because he made this box for the ring bearer (Cami’s youngest brother) to carry down the aisle!

Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-104 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-105 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-106 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-107 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-108

How fun are those navy blue cufflinks??

Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-109 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-110 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-111 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-112 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-113

How beautiful was her hair?!?


Cami and Topher both play the piano, so when I found that out, we were able to incorporate this grand piano into their day!

Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-115 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-116 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-117

Oh, Cami!  So beautiful!


The best part of a First Look isn’t about the timeline or getting most of the photos taken before the ceremony…
The best part is seeing a couple come together in excitement and awe because this is THEIR day to become one and they get to express that joy through hugs and kisses and checking out each other’s wedding attire!

Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-119 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-120 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-121 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-122

I LOVE these.  Mine is on the left, Anna’s is on the right.

Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-123 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-124 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-125

You guys just don’t understand how fun and wonderful this wedding party was!

Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-126 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-127 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-128 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-129 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-130 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-131 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-132 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-133 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-134 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-135 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-136 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-137 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-138 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-139 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-140

This might be my new favorite groomsman shot!

Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-141 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-142 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-143 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-144 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-145 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-146

When we got back to the church, we did family portraits and then still had time to get some fun photos of these guys at the piano.
Not to mention we all got serenaded by Topher’s talent!


Also, new favorite ring shot.  Thanks for suggesting ring photos on the keys, Cami!

Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-148 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-149 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-150 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-151 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-152

And then it was time…

Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-153 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-154 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-155 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-156 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-157

Oh my goodness, I love how she’s looking at her daddy before she sets her eyes on her groom! #allthehappytears

Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-158 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-159 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-160 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-161 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-162 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-163 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-164 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-165 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-166

And they’re married!!

Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-167 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-168 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-169 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-170

The most beautiful part of the day (aside from Cami, of course!) was how much these two trusted me.

Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-171 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-172 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-173

We were able to get a handful of photos at the church after guests left, but I’d also found a spot where they did their First Look that we didn’t have time to get to before the ceremony.  So instead of spending all of our extra time at the church like we’d originally planned, they willingly followed me back to the park and down a desolate trail… And I hope they agree that it was worth it!

Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-174 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-175 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-176 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-177 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-178 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-179 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-180 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-181

Their reception was held at the lovely Rose Lawn Museum that had so much character and portrait locations that I think I was actually overwhelmed by it all!

Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-182 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-183 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-184 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-185 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-186 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-187 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-188 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-189 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-190 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-191 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-192 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-193 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-194 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-195 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-196 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-197 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-198 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-199 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-200 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-201 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-202

I’m so glad these two have a kissing photo at their cake because it can now go in a frame with the ones from their parents’ weddings!
See the table below :-)

Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-203 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-204 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-205 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-206


Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-207 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-208 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-209 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-210 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-211 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-212 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-213 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-214 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-215 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-216 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-217 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-218 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-219

We truly could have taken portraits around this property forever!

Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-220 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-221 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-222 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-223 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-224 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-225 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-226

When Cami found her dress online, it didn’t have a sash or a bustle. So she, her mom and sister MADE all of that.
It was the most flowy and beautiful bustle I’ve ever seen too!


Oh you guys.  I just love this.


Please note just how high she jumped to catch the bouquet!!

Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-229 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-230

And really… be still my heart!

Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-231 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-232

The best part of this departure was the surprise Topher’s brother had for him…


Rice being shot from a potato gun!


Cami & Topher’s wedding was a result of a lot of their own work as well as the volunteer work of many friends.  Many thanks to everyone who had a hand in this day and the talented team of vendors that helped make the day so beautiful!

Ceremony | Midway Presbyterian Church
Reception | Rose Lawn Museum
Ceremony Coordinators | Julie Bell & Jaye Goddard
Reception Coordinator | Tricia Ann Lingo
Wedding Dress | found online, then bride, MOB & MOH made the sash & bustle
Bride’s Veil | Carol Weaver, The Perfect Touch
Invitations | The bride & groom
Bridesmaid’s Dresses | Weddington Way
Groomsman Suits | Combatant Gentlemen
Hair Artist | Ashley, with True Salon
Florist | The Bridesmaids & a church friend
DJ | Phil Miller, bride’s uncle
Catering | Amazing friends of the bride & groom
Cake Artist | Metrotainment Bakery

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