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May 31, 2016

The New Mrs. | The Millstone at Adam’s Pond | Charlotte

When I pulled into Adam’s Pond, I could not believe that I was still in Columbia, SC! Between the sand on the ground, the Spanish Moss dripping from the trees, and the history of the old house, it felt like a mix of the SC coast and a piece of Europe had collided!

It was a gorgeous day for Charlotte’s bridal portraits with the sun passing in and out from behind the clouds.  And it only made me more excited for hers and John’s wedding day, which was this past Saturday!

And wait until you see her dress!  It was the perfect shade of blush that seemed to be complimented by our surroundings.  Enjoy a few of my favorites and stay tuned for their wedding blog post later this week!

AbandonedPlacesinSC-101 Adams-Pond-Wedding-Bridal-Photos-101

But really… I could have photographed her here all day!

Adams-Pond-Wedding-Bridal-Photos-102 Adams-Pond-Wedding-Bridal-Photos-103 Adams-Pond-Wedding-Bridal-Photos-104 Adams-Pond-Wedding-Bridal-Photos-105 Adams-Pond-Wedding-Bridal-Photos-106 Adams-Pond-Wedding-Bridal-Photos-107 Adams-Pond-Wedding-Bridal-Photos-108 Adams-Pond-Wedding-Bridal-Photos-109 Adams-Pond-Wedding-Bridal-Photos-110 Adams-Pond-Wedding-Bridal-Photos-111 Adams-Pond-Wedding-Bridal-Photos-112

This was the one she chose for her portrait!

Adams-Pond-Wedding-Bridal-Photos-113 Adams-Pond-Wedding-Bridal-Photos-114 Adams-Pond-Wedding-Bridal-Photos-115

Oh my goodness, so beautiful!

Adams-Pond-Wedding-Bridal-Photos-116 Adams-Pond-Wedding-Bridal-Photos-117 Adams-Pond-Wedding-Bridal-Photos-118

Y’all.  Look at this scenery!

Adams-Pond-Wedding-Bridal-Photos-119 Adams-Pond-Wedding-Bridal-Photos-120

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