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November 29, 2016

Kirsten + Billy | A Charleston Sunrise Engagement Session

Schedules are a crazy thing.  We’d initially scheduled this session for a couple of weeks ago, but ended up needed to change plans.  So when I suggested a sunrise session the week of Thanksgiving, I wasn’t sure they would go for it.  But when Kirsten said they would do it, I knew it would be perfect!  I’ve never been in downtown Charleston at sunrise so this was a new view of the city for me… but oh my goodness, it was beautiful!  And the perfect backdrop for engagement photos.

These two met in high school when Billy would visit his aunt and uncle’s church and they were in the same Sunday school class. Fast forward several years to Billy’s birthday and Kirsten planning a special dinner in downtown Charleston to celebrate him.  Little did she know that towards the end of their meal at the Drawing Room she would receive the best gift of her life.

Billy got up to use the restroom but he was actually planning the details.  He had the live band announce what was happening and asked the valet to take photos.  She was so overwhelmed and it still gives her butterflies!

charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-101 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-102 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-103 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-104 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-105 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-106 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-107 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-108 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-109

While there’s a little discrepancy as to when he gave her this beautiful necklace, there’s no doubt in either of their minds that this was the first piece of jewelry Billy gave to Kirsten.  So of course we had to pair it with her engagement ring!

charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-110 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-111 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-112 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-113

You guys are so good at snuggling!
Plus… I’ve NEVER been down here when it was this empty.  Which just made their session even sweeter.

charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-114 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-115 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-116 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-117 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-118 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-119 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-120

Before changing locations, we had to make a quick stop by the Drawing Room where they got engaged!

charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-121 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-122

You guys are so great… and I love downtown Charleston!

charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-123 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-124

We were not intending to stop at the Battery at all, but when we walked through and the light was this perfect, I insisted :-)

charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-126 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-125 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-127

And I would say it was completely worth it!

charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-128 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-129 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-130 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-131

This is one of my favorite spots in Charleston!
Not to mention that Kirsten and Billy make it look so festive and Christmas-y!

charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-132 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-133

Kirsten mentioned that she wasn’t much a girl for “props in photos” but when she was out shopping and saw this sign that says “grace changes everything”.  It’s so perfect for them and who they are because of all God has done in their lives.  The Lord’s grace truly does change everything and I’m so glad she brought this to have it as part of their session!


Oh you guys, this one is a favorite for sure!

charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-135 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-136 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-137 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-138 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-139 charleston-sunrise-waterfront-engagement-photos-140

I adored spending the morning with these two and can’t wait for their wedding next summer!


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