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November 25, 2016

Harper James | Greenville Birth Photographer | Greenville Memorial Hospital

Courtney is a photographer herself so when she found me through Instagram and we met up to chat about their baby girl, we realized we had so many other things in common!  She studied abroad in France, I lived in Belgium after college (both French speaking countries).  We both met our husbands on e-Harmony.  We both love photography (obviously) and our first babies are little girls who were born via c-section after laboring for quite a while.

Even with all the unknowns of labor and delivery, Courtney kept a cool head through all of it.  Hers and Jim’s biggest desire was that their baby girl, James, arrive safely and that she and Courtney would be healthy!  And while the journey to get there wasn’t exactly as she had imagined, God brought their baby girl into the world bright and early Sunday morning with a healthy set of lungs!

For various reasons, Courtney was admitted to the hospital on Friday evening to be induced and when I arrived Saturday evening, she was progressing well and enjoying the time anticipating James’s arrival with her husband, her parents and Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel in the background.  Jim’s parents arrived, his sister and her family arrived, and Miss baby James was making even more indications that she was on her way!

But after a while, she must have decided she couldn’t do any more on her own.  In the wee hours of Sunday morning, November 20, after staying in the same spot for 6+ hours, the doctor recommended a c-section.  Courtney’s emotions flooded out through tears, but they were accompanied by a huge smile!  She was just thrilled to meet her baby girl!

You guys, James is PRECIOUS and I was so thrilled to be there with you and your families.  Thank you for welcoming me in, treating me like family, and Jim… thanks for taking care of two pregnant women in one room throughout the night!

I arrived Saturday evening just before Sunset and left again Sunday morning just after sunrise!

thanksgiving-birth-photos-101 thanksgiving-birth-photos-102 thanksgiving-birth-photos-103 thanksgiving-birth-photos-104 thanksgiving-birth-photos-105 thanksgiving-birth-photos-106

Her cup of ice chips were never far from reach :-)

thanksgiving-birth-photos-107 thanksgiving-birth-photos-108 thanksgiving-birth-photos-109 thanksgiving-birth-photos-110 thanksgiving-birth-photos-111 thanksgiving-birth-photos-112


It’s amazing what brushing your teeth can do for morale!

thanksgiving-birth-photos-114 thanksgiving-birth-photos-115 thanksgiving-birth-photos-116 thanksgiving-birth-photos-117 thanksgiving-birth-photos-118 thanksgiving-birth-photos-119 thanksgiving-birth-photos-120 thanksgiving-birth-photos-121 thanksgiving-birth-photos-122 thanksgiving-birth-photos-123 thanksgiving-birth-photos-124 thanksgiving-birth-photos-125 thanksgiving-birth-photos-126

We all were able to get a little rest… Courtney in her bed, Jim on his floor palate and they insisted I lay down on the couch.

thanksgiving-birth-photos-127 thanksgiving-birth-photos-128 thanksgiving-birth-photos-129 thanksgiving-birth-photos-131 thanksgiving-birth-photos-130 thanksgiving-birth-photos-132 thanksgiving-birth-photos-133

The tears of joy after speaking with the doctor!

thanksgiving-birth-photos-134 thanksgiving-birth-photos-135 thanksgiving-birth-photos-136 thanksgiving-birth-photos-137 thanksgiving-birth-photos-138

We weren’t sure if I was going to be able to go into the operating room, so Jim took their camera just in case.


But as soon as the baby was born (at 5:54am), the nurse came to get me!


She was here and perfect!

thanksgiving-birth-photos-141 thanksgiving-birth-photos-142 thanksgiving-birth-photos-143 thanksgiving-birth-photos-144

And being in there for this moment in these following photos was worth the long night…

thanksgiving-birth-photos-145 thanksgiving-birth-photos-146 thanksgiving-birth-photos-147 thanksgiving-birth-photos-148 thanksgiving-birth-photos-149 thanksgiving-birth-photos-150 thanksgiving-birth-photos-151

Courtney, motherhood looks amazing on you.

thanksgiving-birth-photos-152 thanksgiving-birth-photos-153 thanksgiving-birth-photos-154 thanksgiving-birth-photos-155 thanksgiving-birth-photos-156 thanksgiving-birth-photos-157 thanksgiving-birth-photos-158 thanksgiving-birth-photos-159 thanksgiving-birth-photos-160

That sweet face!!

thanksgiving-birth-photos-161 thanksgiving-birth-photos-162

Jim got some daddy/daughter time while Courtney finished up in the OR.


And he was SO smitten!

thanksgiving-birth-photos-164 thanksgiving-birth-photos-165 thanksgiving-birth-photos-166 thanksgiving-birth-photos-167

So thankful…

thanksgiving-birth-photos-168 thanksgiving-birth-photos-169 thanksgiving-birth-photos-170

This was so much fun too! Following Jim to tell the family that James was here and capturing their reactions was priceless!

thanksgiving-birth-photos-171 thanksgiving-birth-photos-172 thanksgiving-birth-photos-173 thanksgiving-birth-photos-174 thanksgiving-birth-photos-175 thanksgiving-birth-photos-176 thanksgiving-birth-photos-177 thanksgiving-birth-photos-178 thanksgiving-birth-photos-179 thanksgiving-birth-photos-180 thanksgiving-birth-photos-181

There is NO telling what was said, but these faces were worth posting! :-)

thanksgiving-birth-photos-182 thanksgiving-birth-photos-183 thanksgiving-birth-photos-184

Welcome to the world, sweet baby girl!


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