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October 15, 2013

Kristi + Davis | Clemson Engagement Session

Most people say that Disney World is the most magical place on earth.  And while I’m not going to straight up deny that, I’d be betraying my orange blood if I didn’t announce to the world that Clemson is a magical place in and of itself.  Each time I drive into town, I feel like I’m coming home.  And as soon as I park and set foot to pavement, I realize that I AM home.

It’s so hard to describe what it’s like but when I get to share my time on campus with other alumni (especially ones who are as in love as these two!), it’s like we’re instantly connected and we just GET each other.  While Kristi and Davis both went to Clemson, they didn’t actually meet until after they’d both graduated.  So while they don’t have a lot of memories on campus together (yet), they had fun thinking about where and how many times they may have crossed paths when they were students.  Luckily, they’re on the same path now and won’t have to wonder where the other one might be.

Kristi and Davis, thank you for allowing me to join you on this path.  Your love for each other is so genuine and your love for the Lord is so true.  I’m really looking forward to capturing your wedding day!  My only regret is that I have to wait until May for that amazing day to arrive!

We started our session in the center of campus…

Whoever says having photos taken isn’t fun then I’d like to kindly disagree :-)

I can’t tell you how many times I walked these steps at Martin Hall.  These two make this stair well look WAY better than it ever did at 8am for calculus!

I mean seriously… how cute are you guys??

Ah!  I love this one.

We then headed to “their” side of campus where they talked about how many times they probably crossed paths without even knowing it.


This is DEFINITELY a favorite!

The two most important rings in a Clemson girl’s life :-)  Davis, you did an amazing job picking out her diamond!

We ended our session over at the Esso with their names and wedding date on the board.
This had such special meaning because her dad was the manager here when he was a student at Clemson!!  Surprise, Dad!  We hope you like these!

This one in black and white makes me think of times gone by… Love it.

You two… you were just SO natural in front of my camera and hopefully the world can see a glimpse of just how wonderful you guys are.

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