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February 13, 2013

Kristin + David | Greenville Engagement Session

It was a cloudy day and rain was expected a couple of hours later, but Kristin was only in town for this weekend. They told me as we left our first location that sometimes, the sad part about saying goodbye was not knowing exactly when they’d see each other again, which is one of the downfalls of long-distance relationships.  BUT!  We met just 6 months out from their wedding day to capture their engagement photos, so I believe that while there was an extra spring in their step because of that, they also held each other a bit tighter and a bit longer than they might otherwise would have.

Kristin and David met while working in the dining common at school several years ago.  And slowly, over time, they not only found a community of friends in their co-workers, but they found each other.  After trips with everyone and then a trip to their far-away northern states to go home over break, (where Kristin braved a car full of boys and all of them had a blast talking the entire way!), they realized they didn’t want to stop seeing each other.  So, one day in Falls Park, they made it official and have been separated by nothing but distance since Kristin’s graduation last year.

As we stood in what seemed like a secluded forest and the rain started to fall, it was as though these two were the only ones there, accompanied by nothing but the sound of rain drops hitting the fallen leaves.   They talked, they laughed, they looked at each other with such love that no one who might see them could mistake their long glances as anything but.

Thank you both so much for allowing me to spend Sunday afternoon with you.  We are SO excited about your wedding, but even more so that in less than 6 months, you won’t have to be long-distance anymore!

They might as well have been on the top of a waterfall in a secluded part of the world…

They didn’t see much past each other that day.

Y’all… stop it.  You’re so stinking adorable!

Kristin is the cutest… maybe ever :-)


And this one might just be my favorite…

  1. Kim Anderson says:

    These are beautiful! Thank you Sabrina!

  2. Mary Mangin says:

    Love these photos, Sabrina, as well as the backstory! What a beautiful setting for engagement photos! I love Reedy River Falls in Greenville! So happy you are their wedding photographer!

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