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November 20, 2018

Lainey Grace | Patewood Medical | Greenville Birth Photographer

Jenni was on board from the get-go.  It was their 4th baby and their 2nd baby girl and she was so excited about the possibility of having baby Lainey’s birth photographed.  Todd on the other hand walked around after church one Sunday flipping through photos on my Instagram from other births trying to figure out what he thought about the idea :-)

Thankfully all of us were on board by the time the day came to meet Lainey!  We weren’t sure what exactly would happen once Jenni’s water broke because each of her previous children had come more quickly than the one before.  So, I was at the hospital and ready because I didn’t want to miss a thing.  And I’m so glad I was because once Lainey decided she was ready, Jenni basically laughed a couple of times and she was here!  We were all in shock that she came so quickly, but SO thrilled and crying tears of joy (those tears may have just been from me and one of the doctors, but that’s ok)!

Todd and Jenni, thank you for letting me be there the night Lainey was born!  It’s always such a joy, especially when it’s a chance to celebrate with friends.

Jenni is a nurse for an OB office so BOTH of her doctors were there and ready to deliver Lainey.

Things were going a tad slower than they’d thought so the “magic peanut” was brought out… this magic peanut had not worked for my own first born so I was praying it would work for Jenni.  And it did!  Barely an hour later and this baby was ready to come!

Super Mom cutting the cord :-)

Oh that squishy newborn face!!!!

Since Lainey came after her siblings had gone to bed, I hopped back over to the hospital the next morning to get some photos of her meeting her big sister and brothers.

And I seriously can hardly handle the sweetness…

The oldest and youngest.  Be still my heart.

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