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August 8, 2022

Lauren + Gabe | Clemson Botanical Gardens Engagement

It’s so clear when you’re with them that Lauren and Gabe love each other.  And after talking for even a short amount of time, it’s easy to see that they also love adventure!

What I love most about their engagement story is that 1) it’s so real life (because nothing ever goes exactly according to plan) and 2) it shows just how well they adapt and work together.  Also, their story could 100% be a romantic comedy that everyone would fall in love with!

Lauren had taken a trip to Alaska last summer and Gabe met up with her.  He was planning to propose on Monday when they landed on a glacier during an airplane tour.  But the weather was not on their side that week.  Cancellation after cancellation had them venturing to different towns trying to find some clear skies.  Lauren was planning the tour and was the one looking for someone to take them in the air so she never had a clue that Gabe was planning anything.

They finally found a place on Thursday that did helicopter tours and the guide would be taking them to “the most magical place on earth” and more beautiful than anything either of them could have dreamed of.  They landed on a beach, just the two of them and the pilot, and Gabe walked her over in the midst of a lagoon filled with hundreds of glaciers.  It was then he turned to her, said he loved her and asked her to be his wife.

I canNOT wait for their wedding this fall!  It’s going to be so beautiful and sweet and I’m already packing the tissues to have close by!

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