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November 7, 2014

Letterpress Business Cards

You never realize how important something is until you don’t have it.  Since I rebranded this summer, getting new business cards was at the top of my to-do list, but it kept getting pushed down the list.  I’d even emailed several companies and had only heard back from one of them, but I wasn’t able to create the files they needed in order to print the cards I wanted.  And when you’re out and about and just talking with people, it occasionally comes up that I’m a wedding photographer.  Well, I actually met someone whose daughter had just gotten engaged and we talked all things wedding and connected and it was great!  And when she asked for my card, what did I do?  I wrote my website down on a post-it note.  It was so embarrassing. So that’s when this became a priority again.  Because I did NOT want that happening again!

Julie Story did an AH-mazing job with my new logo and website and the colors and walking me through that process!  And when I took a chance at using what she’d given me to design a business card on my own, a local friend (Matt New extraordinaire!) then helped me make them into the files I needed in order to send them off to the presses!  It was definitely a team effort if I’ve ever seen one :-)

I’ve had square business cards for years and have loved them.  They’re unique and stand out just enough from the usual cards that people take notice of them and remember them.  But this time around, I wanted and needed something a little more sophisticated, a little more pretty, with a little more WOW attached to it.  So when the idea of letterpress was put in front of me and I was introduced to Czar Press, even though it was a tad pricier, I knew that was exactly what I wanted.

And when they arrived in the mail last week?!?  Let’s just say I had a moment… I wish there was a way you could reach into the computer screen to hold one of these!  I’ve never been so in love with a business card (it sounds so weird to even type that out) that I told Julie I wasn’t sure I wanted to actually give any away!  But clearly, that’s what they’re for.  And let me tell you that just this week I was in two different situations where I was SO thankful I had them!  No more handing out post-its for this girl!


I LOVE how the green is pressed into the card!  It’s just… so pretty!

LetterpressBusinessCards-102 LetterpressBusinessCards-103

And they’re so thick!  Love them.

LetterpressBusinessCards-104 LetterpressBusinessCards-105 Happy Friday, everyone!

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