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January 23, 2019

Lillian Edith | Fresh48 | St. Francis

When Lee first contacted me back in the fall and said they were having their second baby in January, I was thrilled!!  Lee was one of the girls that lived across the courtyard from us our sophomore year in college and while I don’t get to see her super often, I knew that with this baby on the way that I’d at least get to see her for a little while in January for some “just born” photos and the baby meeting the family photos :-)

The original plan was for her to be induced January 21.  But then, for several reasons, her doctor wanted to induce her the week before on Monday evening, with baby girl arriving sometime on Tuesday, January 15.  However, as we all know, babies have their own agenda!  Lee texted me Sunday at 5:15pm to say her water had broken and they were at the hospital.   At exactly 9:55pm, Lee’s husband, Tyler, called me to say she was complete and was about to start pushing!  Since they just wanted photos right after baby girl was born, this was perfect timing.  I grabbed my gear and headed over to the hospital and even though I didn’t waste any time, baby girl didn’t either!  She arrived with less than 2 pushes and was perfectly content when I walked into the room!

I can’t get over those rolls in the photo below!!

Since she came so late the evening before, I went back the next morning so we could get
photos of sweet Lillian meeting her big brother and her grandma for the first time

He wasn’t quite sure what to think…

But grandma was overjoyed to tears when she heard her first granddaughter’s name for the first time because her middle name, Edith, is after HER mom.  So, baby Lillian has her great-grandmother’s name as a part of her name.

Oh. My. Goodness.  That LIP!

Hudson was bored pretty quickly :-)

If you’re interested in birth or Fresh48 photos of your own little one,
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