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January 7, 2019

Angela + John | A New Year’s Day Proposal | Hatcher Gardens

When one of my long-time friends called me on New Year’s Eve, she said something along the lines of, “I know this is super last minute, but would you be available to photograph a proposal tomorrow?”  The second she told me it was for her brother, I may have interrupted her and said, “YES!!!”

Leslie and I first met on a church basketball team when we were in about the 4th grade.  We didn’t go to the same school until high school and didn’t become good friends until 11th grade.  But so many memories from high school and college involve Leslie and therefore her younger brother!  Whether we were watching scary movies in their basement, spending the night at her house before her wedding or tailgating with her family for Clemson games, John was usually there :-)

So New Year’s Day, Leslie and I meet at Hatcher Gardens in Spartanburg to scope out just where John was wanting to propose to his girlfriend, Angela.  We found the bridge he had in mind and just below it was a stone patio, which was perfect!  Leslie and I walked up to the bridge with her back to the trail and me facing so I could keep a lookout and Angela wouldn’t spot Leslie.  Angela didn’t know me before that day so even if she DID see me, she wouldn’t know who I was or what I was doing… even WITH my camera in hand since I was there “chatting with a friend”!

John and Angela walked into the park and towards the little covered bridge, but they went straight for the bridge instead of the patio!  After panicking for half a second, I realized it was raining and they were probably just taking cover.  John was facing us so I knew he saw his sister and me and thankfully he kept his cool and went on with the plan.  The rain passed as quickly as it had started and as they moved toward the patio, I covertly followed while staying a bit hidden.

She had originally thought he would propose while they were on the west coast for the National Championship game this past weekend (the game is today!) so Angela was completely shocked and SO excited…
and the photo of her seeing the ring when she actually looked at it is priceless!

She had mentioned to him that she would love photos of the proposal when it happened so John had called his sister to ask her to take pictures… and instead she called me!
That way she was able to just BE there and enjoy every second (and get some video too)!

The light was ever-changing that morning… and the weather was actually kind of warm.  But since he didn’t need a pocket to hide the ring in anymore, John was finally able to take his jacket off and we took a handful of photos before they ventured off to spend the day with family!

Angela, I have to say that your excitement and giddiness was contagious and I STILL get a huge smile on my face when I look at these photos!  So excited for you both and the adventure you’re about to begin!

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