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May 10, 2012

Mandy + Kevin | Part 1 | Downtown Greenville Wedding Photographer

Mandy walked in with her matron of honor, each of them carrying boxes and bags full of things for the day. When I screamed said, “You’re getting married today!” she looked at me with so much excitement in her eyes that I almost teared up right then and there.  She moved through getting ready and putting on her dress with nothing on her mind but marrying the love of her life.

When Kevin arrived he was as calm as ever, because that’s how he is. As he prepared to see his bride, this smile came across his face that I haven’t seen on him before… that look that only people in love give. And they don’t even realize they’re giving it.

I was so excited about Mandy and Kevin’s wedding that I could hardly stand it. And it might show in the images because as you can see… this is a Part 1!  (Part 2 will come on Monday!)  They were surrounded by their close friends and family, but I’m not sure they didn’t see much more than each other last Saturday as they said, “I do”.  Kevin and Mandy, we are so honored that you allowed us to capture your first day together as husband and wife. We hope you’re having a blast in Hawaii!  Please have some pineapple for me and learn how to hula so you can teach me when you get back!


Mandy and Kevin were married at the beautiful Downtown Baptist Church where Grace Church Downtown has been meeting for the last year.


This is the new bride’s room at the church.  Isn’t it gorgeous??


And her dress? It’s gorgeous.


The light streaming in from the window downstairs was perfect.


I LOVED her shoes. And I love that they put the date on the bottoms of their shoes.


Purple was one of Mandy’s colors… so the lavender wreaths outside the church added just the right touch.


Mandy’s soon-to-be sister in law, Kristi, did an incredible job on her makeup!


Mandy’s matron of honor, Stefini mentioned that Mandy’s phone had reminded her at 9am that she was getting married. Not that she would forget!
It just gave her an extra moment of excitement.


Ben got these next several (amazing) images of Kevin.


I’m making it a known fact that natural light streaming through a window makes me swoon.


As always, I don’t require my brides & grooms to have a First Look, but my oh my, I love it when they do!
It’s actually one of the main reasons this is a Part 1 post! There are just so many images of these two!


See that?  The smile on Kevin’s face? That’s a man in love with his bride.


Ben captured this… and I think my heart stopped when I saw it!


My image is on the left, Ben’s is on the right.


Oh my goodness… I love you guys!  Not only are you gorgeous, but you crack. me. up.


Mandy’s amazing flowers were done by Frank of Embassy Flowers.


Ben’s image.


With their downtown wedding, we wanted to capture a few downtown pictures.


Oh my heavens… you guys.

This just might be my favorite from the day.

Seriously… y’all.  Please don’t ever stop being so awesome.


Mandy!  You’re gorgeous!!


Kevin’s dad stood by him as best man.


It was awesome to watch their relationship during the day.


It’s like y’all are pros at this!  I love it.


The best part about Stefini’s dress is that she bought it several years ago and Mandy wore it in her wedding.
When Mandy went to look for a bridesmaid dress, she couldn’t find what she was looking for. Turns out it was already in Stefini’s closet!

I’ll end Part 1 with these two gorgeous portraits of Mandy.
Girl, you are so beautiful, inside and out… and you made one stunning bride!

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